Do you have red ears? Here are the reasons

Red ears are a common reaction of our body, although it is not always due to a feeling such as shame or anger, but there may be other more important causes that we have to pay attention to. Red ears appear in childhood ages, in adolescence, and also in adulthood, let’s say that they accompany us at all times, although not all of us are prone to having red ears.

That some part of our body changes color is quite normal and common, either due to exposure to the Sun, a blow or a feeling. There are various causes, some remain an anecdote as happens with the shame that we get red, and other causes are serious and require medical assistance, such as infections.

Causes of having red (and hot) ears

Sometimes we notice that our ears are red, and they are even hot and we are not able to relate it to a specific reason, so today we are all going to get rid of doubts, by learning what are the main causes of having red ears, and we will also say some quick fixes.

Intense feelings

Internalizing what we feel often causes our body to react and speak for us, hence our ears turn red and even change its temperature in case of being embarrassed, angry, humiliated , etc.

The solution that exists in these cases is none, because if we decide to express what we feel, we do not make sure we stop looking like tomatoes with legs. What we recommend is to breathe deeply, relax and try to dialogue with the person causing this discomfort, or even shelve the situation and ignore everything bad that toxic people and circumstances cause us.

Red ears from stress

Stress and anxiety can cause our ears to turn red and their temperature to rise significantly. It is common that in situations of great stress and when suffering an anxiety attack, the face turns red, and with it the ears too.

The solution in these cases is to regain calm, that we don’t care about the red ears and everything, we just have to focus on breathing deeply and taking our mind off the problem that overwhelms us. Only then will we be able to return to a state of calm and, after a few minutes, our ears will be in their usual tone.

Una mujer con un pendiente muy pesado y las orejas rojas

Allergic reaction

When you suffer some type of allergic reaction, one of the most common symptoms is a red face and ears, this is why, if we have never had red ears and we have just eaten something, or we have put on a facial cream new, a perfume, a medicine, some earrings, etc. it is quite likely that he has reacted to us. If that sensation of allergy gets worse, we should go to the doctor, before feeling suffocation, for example.

It may also be that we have scratched ourselves with a metal object or that we have approached something to the ears and they have reacted by turning red. Also that the earrings we wear are very heavy and that sensation of pain and itching has made our ears red.

The solution is to know our allergies perfectly and not expose ourselves to reactions that can be easily avoided. In case of something unforeseen, see a doctor to confirm the allergy.


Medications usually have side effects, in fact, by way of anecdote, viagra was invented for headaches, and given its side effect , that’s how it stayed. The same can happen with another drug, either as a side effect or because our body reacts like this after administration.

If we are sensitive to any specific medication, we must promptly notify the doctor to avoid greater ills, since allergic reactions to medications can be very serious.

In this case, the only solution is prevention, so if it is a drug that we have already taken and it did not suit us, it is better not to repeat it, and always warn if we are sensitive or allergic to any medicine.

Changes in temperature

For example, if we are in winter and we put the heating very high, it is likely that the ears turn red, as well as in the middle of summer with high temperatures the body turns red easily, especially the extremities of the body such as the ears and hands. . If we are near a heat source, such as a barbecue, it is also quite likely that our ears are red and even increase in temperature.

Solution: avoid exposure to very abrupt temperature changes, for the good of our health, and also to minimize the appearance of red ears that can cause discomfort and embarrassment.

Bumps in the outer ear

How the blows in the ear hurt! A trauma in that area and automatically the ear turns a reddish color. Moreover, depending on the intensity, the material with which we are hit and the outside temperature, the red ears will hurt more or less and will also cause a kind of internal itch. Also when we wear clothes or headphones that are very tight, the ears tend to suffer a lot and turn red.

We recommend not putting any object in the ear to relieve itching and pain . If we see that the pain is very great, we must go to a doctor.

The solution offered in this case is to avoid blows, it seems easy, but a mistake and we can hit our ears. Above all, be very careful if we are sitting on the floor and there are people around, since our bags and hands are at the height of our ears. Also avoid tight clothing and wearing headband headphones for long hours.

Sun exposure

How? That we don’t put sun protection on our ears? Let’s see … let’s not go crazy either. The ears, like the nose, should be covered with sunscreen. Something very important is that this protection does NOT enter the ear, but remains outside, right in the pinna. It is recommended not to spray on the ears, but to spray on the hands and massage the ears so that the sun protection is applied and absorbed properly without penetrating through the ear canal.

The solution is to reduce sun exposure as much as possible, wear hats that cover the ears, caps do not usually do it and visors much less. In addition to using high sunscreen and staying in the shade, freshen up often and drink plenty of fluids.

Una mujer tapando el sol con su mano

Ear infections

Having red and hot ears is a sure sign that something is not right and that could mean an ear infection. Ear infections can arise from a cold, from picking at us with dirty hands, from a foreign body inside the ear, from lack of hygiene, from some abnormality, from not using earplugs to avoid excess water, etc.

In this case, one of the few solutions we have is the use of plugs for the bathroom, never poking around, going to a specialist when we notice itching, punctures, tinnitus and the like, and washing the ear every several weeks using physiological saline and nothing else. cotton buds.

Hormonal changes (especially in women)

When we talk about hormonal changes we refer to very specific moments such as adolescence, childbirth, postpartum, menopause, etc. It is in those moments when we can notice that our ears are red and one of the causes can be a hormonal change. It is nothing serious, but if we feel that it is accompanied by others such as itching, dry skin, and others, then it is time to consult a specialist.

The solution that exists on these occasions is to control the symptoms and if we see that it is increasing or that the red ears do not disappear, consult a specialist doctor who can help us.

Treatments against red ears

The doctor who should examine us is an otolaryngologist or a neurologist and it will be the specialists who determine the diagnosis and the best treatment for our specific case. As a general rule, you usually go to a dermatologist, and it is true that they can also help us in the diagnosis, since it can be a skin infection and then the treatment would be antibiotics.

Currently there is no generalized treatment for this ailment, but each case is different and will be examined personally, due to the large number of causes that may have caused the ears to be red and hot.

There is a disease called red ear syndrome that precisely causes our ears to be red, apart from making us suffer a kind of dull pain, a lot of burning, discomfort, embarrassment, irritability, etc.

Today there is a hopeful treatment after a diagnosis where the disease is confirmed. The most common treatment for this condition are physical measures such as local cold, dental splints, as well as medication to treat neuropathic pain, such as gabapentin and amitriptyline, among other pain.

How to prevent this condition

To prevent red ears, it only remains to avoid what causes them, for example, always sleep on the same side of the face, avoid exposure to the Sun and use sun protection, avoid blows, if we have an infection, treat it quickly, if we notice strange hormonal changes consult a doctor, be very careful with changes in temperature, avoid excessive use of headphones and anything that involves introducing objects into the ear canal, etc.

If we have a tendency to have reddened ears, the best option is to protect them from the cold and heat using hats, for example. Moisturizing the skin of the ears is also a good method to prevent their health from being neglected and turning red.

Washing your hands with soap and avoiding rubbing your ears can prevent infection or irritability that results in red, hot, and sore ears.