Discover Apple's new floating store in Singapore

There is a new floating Apple store in Singapore that has surprised everyone with its curious architecture. It is expected that people from all over the world will visit it, from there to that its almost 150 employees speak more than 23 languages and are prepared and trained to solve any type of doubt or problem related to the brand’s products.

Apple’s new floating store in Singapore

Apple, together with Foster + Partners, has designed numerous stores around the world during the last ten years, but the one dubbed Apple Marina Bay Sands is one of the most impressive. Although the Apple Store on the Champs-Elysees – which was built inside a 19th-century apartment building – and the Crystal Cube on Fifth Avenue in New York are not far behind, the new store in Singapore is now the most spectacular. This is because, on this occasion, the two companies have designed a sphere over the waters of the Marina Bay financial district in the Asian country.

One of Apple’s most iconic stores

The Marina Bay area has become very popular, which is why Apple decided to build a floating crystal sphere on the waters of its canal. Apple Marina Bay Sands aims to be an icon within this neighborhood and a meeting point for the brand’s consumers .

Cómo es la tienda flotante de Apple en Singapur

Over the past few years, Apple has wanted to commit to caring for the environment, which is why this self-sustaining store was built with 114 pieces of glass with 10 mullions that join the entire spherical structure of the store.

The views from inside the store, which are 360 degrees over the sea , are quite a spectacle that makes it worth visiting, regardless of whether you are going to buy or not.

Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome

The striking dome of Apple’s new floating store in Singapore, 30 meters in diameter, has a large oculus that lets in a beam of light that runs through the entire interior of the store and that, inspired by the Pantheon of Agrippa in Rome , is the zenith of Apple’s 40-year collaboration with the city of Singapore.

The interior has been lined with baffles to block out disturbing sunlight and give an effect similar to nighttime lighting . In addition, inside the dome there are trees that give the store a special look.

A walk under the waters

The store is located in the middle of the water and, to access it, there are two paths: a platform that connects directly with the bay promenade and an underwater tunnel from where you can appreciate the depths of the sea in the area.

The first thing you will find inside the store are the brand’s products displayed in a very elegant way. There you can see them, touch them and receive technical assistance from the Genius , who are experts in Apple products and will solve any type of problem you may have. The second thing you will see is incredible 360 degree views of Marina Bay .

This store also has a Forum , a place where the city’s artists and musicians display their best works.

In the lower part of the store, located below sea level, the first Boardroom is located. It is a place where professionals who work for Apple receive training.

We can tell you that this Singapore store may not be one of the highest-grossing in the world, but we all know that the brand’s first goal is to seduce you at first sight, something that, without a doubt, they will achieve with this architectural marvel.