Definitive Guide to Casein Protein

Among the range of supplements available to obtain the amount of protein required for your fitness goal, casein stands out as a good option if you want to go beyond the classic whey protein and diversify your supplementation.

Know all the data you need to know to know the benefits that the adequate consumption of casein protein can give you in your goals and how to choose the best casein protein based on your goals.

Everything you need to know about casein

1. What is casein and how is it made?

Casein is a phosphoprotein (proteins combined with a substance that contains phosphate), and is obtained as the curd resulting from the production of cheeses. Once the curd is formed, it is separated from the whey, washed and dried before being subjected to a pulverization process until it becomes a fine powder ready to be packaged and marketed.

In order for the cheese mixture being made to form, a coagulating enzyme is often added that is obtained from the digestive tract of calves, so casein supplements are not suitable for ovo-lacto-vegetarians or lacto-vegetarians.

Los beneficios de la proteína de Caseína

2. What are the benefits of casein?

The biggest difference casein has from whey protein is that it takes longer to be absorbed by the body, which has popularized it as a bedtime snack. In addition to being a constant provider of protein for your muscles while you sleep, casein is also attributed these properties:

2.1 Preservation of muscle mass

In a study by scientists at the University of Arkansas, casein was found to be a superior supplement when looking specifically for muscle preservation.

2.2 Enhances the increase in lean muscle tissue

When combined with the consumption of whey protein, casein can contribute to a greater increase in lean muscle mass. This was concluded according to a study conducted at Baylor University, in which the results of strength training followed by 36 men for 10 weeks were observed. Those who took whey protein and casein supplementation had greater muscle gain than those who took whey protein, BCAAs, and glutamine as supplements.

2.3 It is complementary to whey protein

It complements the muscle repair properties of whey protein, which is normally consumed immediately after training due to its rapid absorption. If casein is consumed just before bed, it will take approximately 7 hours for the body to fully absorb it, resulting in a continuous supply of bigger, stronger muscle-building and repairing protein.

Consumo de caseína para mayor masa muscular

3. How does casein work in the body?

When your casein shake enters your body, it transforms into a kind of gel which is what produces a slower digestion and a continuous passage of amino acids into the bloodstream.

4. Is it safe to consume casein?

As long as you are not lactose intolerant, there is no danger in consuming casein protein on a daily basis.

Although its frequent consumption in moderate amounts is not negative, excessive intake of casein can cause nausea, abdominal bloating, cramps, dehydration, loss of appetite, headaches and fatigue. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is recommended to reduce the amount consumed. If such discomfort persists, the intake of this supplement should be stopped.

5. What is the recommended amount of casein?

Supplementation with casein should be part of the daily amount of protein that you should consume according to your physical goals. How much you should consume will also depend on your serving size and the amount of protein per scoop in the casein you buy.

Cantidad diaria de caseína recomendada

6. How to choose the best casein?

Use these parameters as a guide when buying the casein that best suits your needs:

6.1 Price / value ratio

Supplements are not cheap, so it is best to go to the store taking into account the cost of the supplement for the amount of protein it provides per serving. This will allow you to find the protein that gives you the most bang for your buck.

6.2 Calorie / protein ratio

The purest, best-quality casein is the one that gives you the most protein for the fewest calories in each serving. The higher the amount of calories, the more fat, carbohydrates and additives the product contains.


Casein can be an excellent supplement to your workouts. While it’s not the best for a post-workout shake, it can be a consistent protein source for your muscles throughout the day and while you sleep, so next time you’re shopping, consider putting it on your list.


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