Curly method, everything you need to know to take care of your curls

Surely we have heard of the curly method many times. Both for those who know what it is, and for those who do not, we are going to explain what this method of hair care consists of, especially suitable for curly or very wavy hair. Curly hair, afro type or with little snails, as they say, is very special, and the health of this type of hair is very important, since the more careful it is, the more beautiful and defined the curls will be, so it is convenient that Let’s take advantage of this little tutorial to know how to care for our hair with the curly method.

Hair care is more important than many of us believe, the appearance of our hair says a lot about us. A neat, clean, soft and shiny hair gives a better image than one with damaged ends, frizzy, dirty, etc. In the specific case of curly hair, cleaning, softness and hydration are very important, since the drier and more frizzy the hair is, the less flexibility and definition each strand of hair will have.

The curly method has been with us for several years now and perhaps we have not seen the time to jump into it to give our very wavy or curly head the life and look it deserves. As in any story, there is always a beginning, so to know where the curly method comes from, we are going to tell who invented it, when and what it consists of. In the following sections we will talk about the curly method step by step, since it is a new way to wash our hair, it is not mandatory, but if we have very wavy or curly hair, we recommend following this method.

How did the curly method come about?

For those who do not know, curly means curly, so its own name already indicates that it is for curly or very wavy hair. This does not come out of nowhere, but there was a person, with obviously curly hair, who decided to investigate and create a healing method for this type of hair to make them bloom and that each and everyone had spectacular manes.

Lorraine Massey was the one who created the Curly Method, that is, the curly method or for curly hair. This lady is a professional stylist and Co-founder of the Devachan salons in New York, in addition, she is considered a guru within the sector, especially curly hair. Lorraine is also the creator of numerous haircuts that have been a hit for years around the world and are studied and practiced in almost every hair salon.

Lorraine wrote a book in 2001 titled Curly Girl The Handbook. It has been more than 20 years since that and it continues to be like the holy grail of curly hair, although it does not suit everyone and we will explain in step by step why it does not work for everyone.

Products and step by step of the curly method

Before getting into the thick of the topic, we want to make it clear that not just any hair product will work, nor is it appropriate to skip the steps or instructions. If we want it to go well, we have to follow everything to the letter. In addition, the change will be visible after 3 or 4 washes, it is not something immediate. Yes, it can be in some cases where we come from a strong base, that is, with good care, a healthy scalp, well-groomed hair, without heat abuse (iron and dryer), etc.

The most important thing is to choose special products for curly or curly hair, and not skimp on quality. It is also true that the most expensive is not always the best, nor is the cheapest the worst. The steps are the following:

Une mujer con el pelo rizado

Use sulfate-free, silicone-free shampoo

In this first step, what is sought when using a special curly shampoo WITH sulfates and WITHOUT silicones is to remove all dirt and debris from the hair to leave it clean. We must wash our hair with this shampoo for 1 or 2 weeks, until we have eliminated all the residues. This method plans to leave our hair free and without residues so that the rest of the products have a real effect, and it is not just a sensation.

We say this because silicone shampoos do not really take care of the hair, they only give an appearance, as if it were a mask, since the silicones prevent the hair from absorbing the nutrients. As we have already said, curly hair needs a good product, a lot of pampering and a lot of hydration.

Sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo

After washing with the previous shampoo for several days and rinsing with plenty of water (never use hot water, rather cool), we have to start using the second shampoo as if it were the first step.

This time it will be a special shampoo for curly hair without sulfates or silicones. This type of shampoo is very special, since it is only applied to the scalp by massaging with the fingertips without reaching the ends, so that when we rinse with warm or fresh water, the shampoo glides onto the rest of the hair. and it is gently cleaned.

Choosing the perfect conditioner

Eye! This step is very important. The conditioner must be of very good quality and, of course, especially for curly hair. The conditioner is applied from half a length of hair to the ends, and just after rinsing with the shampoo and draining the hair a little (but without squeezing, scrubbing, or pulling).

There are conditioning shampoos, but we recommend going step by step for best results.

With the subject of conditioning and curly method there is some controversy. This method can vary the order, since it offers the possibility of starting with the conditioner and this technique is known as Co.-Wash. What happens is that there are many girls and boys who feel that their hair is not loose and clean, but matted and without movement.

The Hairdryer Trick

Yes, it does not work with any dryer, or at any temperature or at any distance. If we want to show off dream curls, we must accomplish this step almost as well as the previous ones. This process is called Stylling and they are key so that all of the above is well reflected. Here we can use gels, creams, foams, oils, etc. but all focused on curls, all natural and no parabens or silicones.

First of all, when we leave the bliss, we use a super absorbent microfiber towel and do not wring or twist the hair, just collect the excess water, without scrubbing the towel. The most advisable thing, after the towel, is to let the hair dry naturally, but if we must use a dryer, then this interests us. In any case, it is recommended to use the dryer with a diffuser, even if our hair dries naturally, to perfect the result.

Returning to the dryer, it must be used with a diffuser, always at a low temperature, at a certain distance, without making sudden movements. There are those who do it with their head down, we have had the same result, it has only changed that by doing it upside down we have had more volume.