Clean your tongue with the best tongue cleaners

Cleaning the tongue is key to health, and we are not only referring to oral health or bad breath, but maintaining proper hygiene in the tongue area can even prevent us from having pneumonia , cardiovascular diseases, complications in diabetic patients, osteoporosis in the jaw, infertility problems or in the baby’s weight, etc.

The tongue is an essential muscle inside the mouth and has such important functions as maintaining the hydration of the mouth, moistening the mouth from the secretion of saliva, perceiving the taste and temperature of food, allowing vocalization in language , etc.

In turn, it is a muscle in which billions of bacteria accumulate after each meal, kiss with tongue, grab something with the mouth, lick some surface or food, etc. The accumulation of all these bacteria puts our health at risk.

How does the brush have to be to clean the tongue?

The tongue should be washed once a day, just after brushing the teeth and, if possible, not using the toothbrush , since it is about eliminating bacteria, not adding more. This is why we wanted to show the best tongue brushes on the market.

The perfect brush exists and is one that has each side of the head focused on a cleaning time, for example, on the one hand, rubber bristles and on the other a scraper. The head itself does not have to be very wide and elongated, since this will produce a feeling of overwhelm and subsequent arches.

Following with the brush head to clean the tongue, there should be no vibration, no spikes, no sharp and cutting areas. The tongue is an extremely sensitive organ, at the same time powerful and essential, the best thing is that we do not damage it. The handle should be thick, rubberized, ergonomic and non-slip.

The correct thing is not to abuse cleaning , as we could damage the protective layer of the tongue. Nor should we exert a lot of pressure, or use irritating products. If we see that our language is very white, or has spots, is sensitive, there are wounds, it is a sign that something is not right in our body, since the appearance of the tongue is a good tip about our state of health.

Better options for cleaning the tongue

The market for tongue brushes has grown in recent months, so deciding between one and the other has become an adventure, especially if we are indecisive or do not trust too much, since cleaning the tongue can cause gagging due to lack of custom.

Ayurveda Edge

Una mujer con un raspador de lengua

This is a tongue cleaner with a metallic area for scraping. The entire brush is made of copper, safe and BPA-free, it does not harm when cleaning the tongue, the scraper does not have holes where the remains can be stored, etc.

In addition, being made of copper, this material has antibacterial properties and a long durability. It is very simple to use since it has two handles from which we have to pull gently to drag all the dirt from the bottom of the tongue to the tip.

Copper tongue scraper



Set of 3 tongue cleaners

Set de 3 piezas para limpiar la lengua

In the absence of one, better are 3 stainless steel brushes to clean the tongue . The 3 brushes are actually scrapers and each of them serves a different case.

The U-shaped cleaner is to clean from the end of the tongue to the tip, the Spoon scraper has a thick head and an angle of 30º and facilitates the interior cleaning of the tongue (central part and where more debris accumulates) and Finally, the Hueco brush, double-sided and multipurpose, making it the ideal complement for our oral hygiene outside the home.

Set of 3 tongue scrapers



Tongue brush

Un cepillo para limpiar la lengua

This particular model is the one we use, since the metal, copper and stainless steel theme did not give us much confidence, so we decided on this plastic one that comes in 3 units, each one in a color, and that has a perfect size that it does not gag, the tongue leaves it well limited and they are very easy to clean.

Of course, we recommend storing it well and changing it every 2 months or less if we use it every day as recommended by the experts. They have a single head, but with two different functions. They are both scrapers, only one is more subtle than the other.

Tongue brush



Tongue scraper

Raspadores ovalados para limpiar la lengua

This scraper, or at least it is that oval shape, is one of the most common, in fact, at the beginning of this revolution for cleaning the tongue they were the ones that were sold the most because they were the first designs, they are very comfortable and versatile because take advantage of its two faces to include two different scrapers.

These types of cleaners are very efficient (that’s why they are in this list), but they have something negative and that is the reason why we did not choose them, and that is that they force you to open your mouth a lot and being so wide they can give a feeling of burden and subsequent retching.

Tongue scraper




Un cepillo de cilicona para limpiar la lengua A silicone brush to gently clean the tongue and, in turn, includes an accessory on the top that acts as a scraper. We recommend starting cleaning with a silicone lingual brush and when we have gotten into the habit and we no longer fatigue to go to the scraper.

We can intersperse both, that is, one day and another, or, for a more thorough cleaning, start with the silicone tongue brush and finish cleaning the tongue with the scraper.

The good thing about the scraper is that with a simple movement we remove all the dirt, however, with the brush we must rub a little and have more patience, since cleaning slows down and is not as effective.

Orabrush brush to clean the tongue


2-in-1 tongue brush

Un cepillo con doble cabezal para limpiar la lengua

When it comes to a brush to clean the tongue, it is very common to see that both sides of the same head are used. This time we have one side that acts as a tongue scraper and on the other side, we have plastic bristles to brush and clean the tongue.

We like the concept, and we think it can be very useful, in addition to cleaning the sides of the tongue, but that brush with plastic bristles may tickle us more than anything else …

Dual action tongue cleaner



Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper

Un raspador para limpiar la lengua de acero inoxidable

A pack that brings two units of stainless steel scrapers perfect for cleaning the tongue on a daily basis. They have a wide handle which makes it easy to grip. In addition, the cleaning area is also wide and somewhat oval and thanks to its shape, it is possible to cover the entire width of our tongue , so only about 3 passes will be enough to leave the tongue very clean.

Remember that every time we drag the cleaner over the tongue we must rinse it under the tap. There are those who use a specific gel to clean the tongue, but if it is our first time, we must start with only a silicone brush and then go to the scraper, and finally, go to the scraper with a specific paste.

Stainless steel tongue scraper


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