Can coffee lose caffeine over time?

With fruit juices we are used to hearing that they should be taken as soon as possible so that the vitamins do not evaporate. Does the same thing happen with coffee? Should we only drink the freshly made one so that caffeine is not lost?

Caffeine does not evaporate

Caffeine is an alkaloid with a high antioxidant capacity, having an effect superior to that of ascorbic acid. Alkaloids are substances of plant origin that have a basic character and a bitter taste, being present as a defense against insects and predatory animals.

Caffeine is odorless and has a very characteristic bitter taste. Its main function is protection against pests, since this substance is toxic to most pest species and acts as a natural pesticide. It also serves to protect coffee from competition with other plants. Once the leaves and grains fall to the ground, they release small amounts of caffeine directly into the soil, preventing the growth of other wild plants in the area, since the caffeine acts as an inhibitor for other wild plants.

But to the question we asked ourselves before, coffee does not lose caffeine over time . The caffeine in coffee does not evaporate and actually lasts a long time. What coffee loses over time is its aroma and flavor. Because the compounds responsible for these characteristics are volatile and end up being lost when they are stored for a long time, especially if they are not stored correctly, exposed to light and in closed containers.

la cafeina se evapora

Can you drink expired coffee?

In principle, there is nothing wrong with drinking expired coffee. If the coffee has been stored correctly, there is not much problem in drinking the expired coffee, we just have to check that the coffee does not have different characteristics, such as the presence of mold or a strange smell.

There is no need to worry about getting sick from drinking expired coffee, the only thing that happens is that the coffee loses aromas and flavors due to the time it has been stored. In some cases, if the product remains closed, it can last several years with the same characteristics. The expiration date refers to the time during which you can enjoy the maximum quality and flavor of the coffee, but you can still use coffee that has passed this date, as long as it has been stored correctly, there are no holes in the package and no sign of deterioration.

Furthermore, the way we store coffee also influences whether or not it is still safe to drink. For example, coffee beans can last up to 6 months if stored correctly. This time varies depending on several factors, such as the techniques used during the roasting of the beans, the processing of the coffee beans, and the storage conditions.

In addition, after being ground , the coffee lasts approximately 1 month in a closed pot, although 2 weeks later it begins to lose some sensory characteristics. Coffee beans , if stored well, can last for several years, sometimes even a few decades.

It is recommended to keep the coffee and its grounds away from moisture, since it is the moisture that causes microorganisms to proliferate. We must keep it away from the refrigerator since it has a lot of humidity and if that humidity enters the coffee, it will surely go bad.