Being happy makes you younger: the cheapest anti-aging system

Each one tries to achieve it in a different way, but deep down we all have the same goal: happiness. Whether we are of those who think that happiness comes from material wealth or if we are part of those who believe that it comes from the people around us, the truth is that humans suffer the impact of happiness on our body more deeply than what many would believe . Every time we have a positive thought, our body changes and our health improves. Study after study has shown that being happy is directly related to having a long and full life with a lower risk of disease . In fact, there is even a belief that happiness has a direct impact on our biological age and that being happy makes you younger. Is this possible? Read on and you will find out.

It is proven that being happy makes you younger

Our internal emotional state is directly related to how we age, what our health is like, and our ability to achieve success in life. With every negative thought we have, we release chemicals and hormones into our bodies that constantly change the genetic information in our cells, which can translate into a dull, wrinkled complexion, increasingly hollowed and baggy eyes, body aches, illnesses, addictions and poor performance at work.

On the other hand, being happy makes you younger because when we are happy our internal state reverses and erases the habitual marks that come hand in hand with the increase in biological age. Our skin glows, is elastic, resistant and tends to repair itself more easily. By feeling good about ourselves, we are full of energy. Suddenly there is a sparkle in our eyes, we smile, laugh a lot and look for opportunities to enjoy each moment to the fullest. All this makes us look younger.

When you are happy, you age better

Being happy makes you younger because when we achieve this balance that brings us happiness we tend to make healthier decisions for our body, mind and soul , which leads us to excel in our careers. When you are not affected by negative emotions, you have more energy to make positive changes without realizing it. You will discover that you are looking for healthier foods and that you exercise not out of obligation or to lose weight, but because you know it will make you feel happier and stronger. If you feel good about yourself, you can pamper yourself and find a way to ensure that your body is well cared for.

In addition, positive emotions lower blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, eliminate the effects of stress . Happy people care about what makes them happy, they set priorities, and they get everything they want at the right time through focus, positive expectation, and determination. Happiness is a relative term that is unique to each person and that takes on meaning based on the desires and values ​​in each person’s life, and we only become fully happy when we stop focusing on trying to achieve what others expect us to. Let’s achieve, and we focus on achieving what really fulfills us, even if it goes beyond the canons.

As you seek your own path to happiness and try to cultivate it in your life, you will begin to notice that not only do you feel, but your life in general is healthier, richer, and more engaged . If you want to rejuvenate inside and out through happiness but still don’t know where to start, here are some tips.