Are gaming chairs good for the back?

People who work long hours sitting wonder what is the best type of chair for their back. The most common thing is that people want to know if they should opt for a traditional office chair or the new gaming chairs.

The fact is, even if we’re not gamers, there are some compelling reasons why your next office chair should be a gaming chair if you suffer from lower back pain. Regardless of how we sit, prolonged sitting as part of a sedentary lifestyle makes us prone to developing back pain. This is because, in any sitting posture, more pressure is put on the spine compared to standing.

Gaming chairs vs office chairs

Modern gaming chairs are mainly based on the design of racing car seats, which makes them easy to distinguish. Before diving into the question of whether gaming chairs are good, or better, for your back compared to regular office chairs, consider their main differences:

Gaming chairs have headrests integrated into the backrest. This backrest is characteristic for normally having an enveloping appearance, similar to wings. The edge of the seat is slightly increased and has a bucket-like space for the rear. In addition, the backrest has a high level of recline and the lumbar support is usually a removable pillow. Armrests are usually 3D.

In contrast, office chairs do not feature any headrests or come as a separate piece. Nor does it usually have an enveloping shape for the back and the edge of the seat is usually inclined. Also, the recline is absent in most of these types of chair. The lumbar support is fixed, adjustable or self-adjusting and the armrests are 2D.

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gaming chairs are better

The short answer is that gaming chairs are good for your back, especially relative to cheaper office or task chairs. Common design choices in gaming chairs, such as a high back and neck pillow, are conducive to providing maximum back support and encouraging good posture .

Gaming chairs usually come with a high back. This means that it offers full support for your entire back, along with your head, neck and shoulders. The spine runs the entire length of the back. If we have back pain, a high back is better for supporting the entire spine as we sit, rather than just the lower back that many office chairs are designed for.

Virtually all gaming chairs come with an external pillow that does a good job of supporting your neck, especially in the reclined position. This in turn helps relax your shoulders and upper back.