Applications to put the mobile aside for a few hours

We spend the day glued to our cell phones and when it comes to studying or working it is sometimes difficult to stay focused. We start getting emails, messages and other notifications and say “just 4 minutes” and we end up wasting 2 hours watching videos on TikTok or on Instagram. This is why we want to help improve the lives of all students and workers who have seen their concentration falter with mobile apps to leave the mobile. It sounds ironic, but it is not.

It is a toxic relationship that we have with our mobile. A 100% dependency ratio that is already being studied as a real mental disorder. The most curious thing about this is that the problem is not with the device, it is an inert device, the problem is ours and especially with applications such as social networks that are designed so that we spend as much time as possible in them.

Yes Yes. Social networks and other applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Booking, Amazon, etc. They are designed so that if we look for something, something related to our interests appears so that a vicious circle is created because we always find something that we like and it is difficult for us to get out.

This type of situation means that “I’m going to buy the feed on Amazon”, or “I’m going to see what’s on Instagram”, in the end 2 hours pass and we don’t even know what has happened. That ends up affecting our rate of study, work and even sleep.

To try to reduce this impact, there are mobile applications that help us detoxify from the mobile, even blocking access to the Internet so that we are able once and for all to focus on the task in front of us.

Forget the mobile with these apps

Leaving the cell phone forgotten for 15, 30, 50 minutes every day is a major odyssey, a challenge that almost no one can face. In the mobile we have deposited our entire life, to the point of keeping there even our emotional stability and our dignity.

With these applications, we can ignore the mobile for a specific time and say it to study, read, work, play sports, etc.


It is a very peculiar app and that, like all the apps that appear here, also helps us to put the mobile aside for a long time and concentrate on the task that we have pending. It is available for Android and for iPhone .

A very simple and very original application, since instead of being the typical application that blocks our mobile phone or certain social networks for a certain time, Forest goes further and plays with our empathy and our commitment.

With Forest we will have to take care of a tree , the longer we are on that screen, the more our forest will grow. The moment we leave that screen, the tree dies and we have to start from scratch. It is not worth leaving the fixed screen and using another mobile to watch social networks, that is fooling ourselves, here it is about concentrating and being productive.

Stay focused

Apart from being an app for Android , it is also an extension for Google Chrome. In both options, what is achieved is to block access to websites that we have previously indicated to the app.

It is a very good option if we want to move the mobile away from our study or work routine and regain that concentration that social networks take away from us. We can establish limits of use with specific periods or with intervals, so that the indicated apps will be blocked during those times.

Brain focus

This is a productivity timer very similar to the pomodoro method, but it goes further. This Android app combines the blocking of social media-type apps with the pomodoro method timer.

That is, we can block the apps we want during the focus time period (concentration) and when that time ends, which is usually about 25 or 30 minutes) we can return to the apps during the 5 or 10 minute break dictated by the pomodoro method.


An application that helps us to leave the mobile parked while we focus on a specific task. This app is based solely on the pomodoro method, which if it has not been clear is a method of concentration by time intervals and combined with breaks. That is, we focus on a single task for 25 or 30 minutes and then we rest for 5 or 10 minutes. Every 4 pomodoros, we take a 30 minute break.

This app is available in the Google Play Store and allows the integration of task and list apps such as Evernote, Todoist or Wunderlist.

Un hombre mirando su móvil


A very simple and effective mobile application that we can have on our Android mobile and on our iPhone .

With this quick solution we will be able to concentrate quickly and put the mobile phone aside for a long time. Before indicating the concentration interval, we must indicate which applications we want to block and for how long.

Best of all, if we receive notifications or calls, we will not hear them, however, messages will automatically be sent informing that we are busy and that we will call or write later.


Among so many useful apps to put down your mobile, comes Breakfree that will keep us from getting lost while we study or work. What this curious application does is that it blocks our access to the Internet, and we automatically go back to our adolescence where there was no unlimited data and not even mobile with Internet.

Also, if it detects that we receive notifications, it will send a response message advising that we are busy and that we will respond when we can. It is a paid app, but it really is worth it. It is only available on the App Store .


An app to leave the mobile that is only available in the Google Play Store . This application is really useful to put the mobile aside and create routine, since it allows us to select the time slots of each day of the week in which we need to get away from the mobile and focus on work or studies. Everything returns to normal after the end of the time interval, and that is when we can pick up our mobile again and chat with peace of mind.