Applications to find accommodation during your travels

When planning a trip, one of the biggest problems is finding accommodation. Finding a comfortable, well-located and cheap place is not always easy. To solve any possible accommodation problems that may arise while traveling, we will recommend the following applications to find accommodation that will save you time and money.

Applications to find accommodation while you are traveling



Airbnb is a platform founded in 2008 where you can book accommodations from your mobile phone, computer or tablet for free. There are a lot of options: from sleeping on a sofa in a private home, to a castle or a house on a private island . You can find accommodation in 65,000 cities and 191 countries around the world .

In the event that you are the one who wants to rent a space in your home to earn some extra money and meet people from all over the world, you can register on the platform. There are currently more than 3 million publications and more than 160,000,000 guests participate.

In addition, you can not only rent a room, but now you can also enjoy experiences that the hosts offer , such as city tours, wine tastings or cooking classes.

Something very important to take into account with this type of platform is security, so Airbnb created an online comment and reputation system that makes it possible to publicly see the experience of past tourists.



The Couchsurfing online platform is another of the best applications to find accommodation while you travel and its objective is that you meet people who live in the one you visit by providing spaces in private homes for tourists and travelers for free. Not only will you find where to stay, but you will also be able to meet people who travel to the same place as you or participate in an event. They also offer you the possibility of publishing your travel plan and contacting if there is someone interested in meeting you during the trip in case they want to offer you accommodation .

The innovative and unique thing about this platform is that the hosting is completely free . Once you register, you can search for people that you are interested in knowing based on certain criteria, such as age, gender, hobbies, or language, among others.

The accommodation conditions and the accommodation time are previously discussed between both parties , and both parties must have agreed before making the reservation. The best thing about this platform is that both the guest and the host share and learn about each other’s culture and customs.

As in Airbnb, this page has a referral system in which the guest comments on their experience with the host, which are published so that all other users can guarantee their safety by knowing what the previous experiences of other visitors were.



This is another of the best applications to find accommodation during your travels. It is a platform for travelers created in 2005 and conceived as Airbnb’s main competitor. The main difference is that Homeaway rents entire homes and allows homeowners to earn income from these second homes.

If you are traveling and need to find accommodation quickly, Homeaway may be the right solution for you. You just have to contact the owner of the house that interests you the most and specify the conditions of the reservation. In the more than two million ads on the platform you will find everything from private mansions to private islands spread over 190 different countries .

We recommend that you try all these applications to find accommodation on the different trips you make, so you will have an idea of how they work and which ones are best for you for each adventure.