A sweet potato a day is better than previously thought

Sweet potato is also known as sweet potato or sweet potato and in some countries as sweet potato. Be that as it may, they all mention a fruit very similar to the traditional yellowish potato that is the most common in supermarkets. Sweet potatoes are tasty, sweet, and are also rich in important nutrients.

The sweet potato or sweet potato is very versatile since it can be eaten in several different ways like the traditional potato, except raw. This makes it an ally in the kitchen, especially when we want to innovate and make the same recipe as always, but giving a twist to some ingredients. What’s more, if we haven’t tried sweet paws yet, I don’t know what we’re waiting for.

The most curious thing of all is that they are sweet, but they DO NOT contain sugar , and we will see that in the next section. In addition, we will also give original and classic ideas to give the sweet potato or sweet potato a chance, then we will know the benefits and, finally, the contraindications of this food.

Sweet potato nutritional values

The sweet potato is very complete in terms of important nutrients, so we wanted it to be the protagonist of the day today. We will know its nutritional values for every 100 grams of product.

On the one hand, we have 118 kilocalories, 1.50 grams of protein, no fat or sugar, 27 grams of carbohydrates, 4.1 grams of fiber and almost 70% of the sweet potato is water.

On the other, we also have to mention the vitamins and minerals that eating sweet potatoes gives us daily or weekly. We have vitamin A, C, K and B9. With regard to minerals we have calcium in quantity, a very rich source of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium.

Un plato de batata frita

How to add it to the diet and daily amount

The sweet potato is very simple to add to the diet, so simple that we can use it in the same way that we use the normal potato. It is the good thing about this food. We once again recommend the sweet potatoes also known in English as sweet potato, which are nothing more than French fries, but sweet potato and are very good with all kinds of meat and fish, in addition, they are healthy as a snack just like normal potatoes . Except that potatoes tend to have a lot of salt in bars and restaurants, and sweet potatoes are very caloric in and of themselves.

Apart from fried, you can make creams and purees, such as pisa dough, sautéed with vegetables, roasted, stuffed sweet potato, salad, scrambled with mushrooms and eggs, as a garnish, etc.

With regard to the recommended daily amount, for a person it is not recommended more than one cup of sweet potato a day . Taking into account the caloric intake of that day and the physical activity that is carried out. In other words, the less sport we do, the more we must reduce our calorie intake.

The main benefits of sweet potato

All foods that are nutritionally rich, provide certain properties and benefits to the body. The sweet potato or sweet potato is one of them and that is why we have dedicated a whole post to it so that we know in depth its main benefits.

Control blood sugar

Sweet potatoes have a good fiber content and this converts them into a food suitable for diabetics, in addition, it does not have sugars and as it is a slowly absorbed starch it does not cause spikes or increases in blood glucose.

As long as a doctor does not say otherwise and the sweet potato does not make us feel bad, we can eat it normally in all the ways that occur to us and enjoy its flavor and its many properties that benefit the body, such as the content of vitamin A and C that act as an antioxidant and that is great for all the cells of the body.

Regulates blood pressure and eliminates cholesterol

The sweet potato is rich in potassium and this helps the body eliminate excess sodium and fluids and toxins that accumulate in the body. Let’s say it has a diuretic property and that is very beneficial.

The sweet potato also has another important property and that is that it can regulate the heart rate and muscle contractions. It has a very important power and that is that it helps keep the heart healthy by reducing cholesterol levels and possible diseases that attack the heart.

Un boniato troceado con especias

Strengthens the intestinal microbiota

Gut health is far more important than many may believe. Sweet potatoes provide 15% of the fiber that an average adult needs in a day, which helps keep up with daily bowel movements and this in turn reduces the chances of colon cancer and severe constipation.

As if all this were not enough, consuming sweet potatoes helps eliminate bad bacteria from our intestines, and this means that we are less likely to develop irritable bowel.

Could prevent cancer

Here we want to make a note. To suffer cancer is to suffer from a serious disease and many times the appearance of tumors is due to poor lifestyle habits, so it is always recommended to have an active life, a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, nuts and away from tobacco, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, ultra-processed foods, trans fats, refined oils, etc.

Even so, several scientific studies have shown that eating sweet potatoes daily could delay the appearance of cancer cells, especially when it comes to colon, bladder, breast, lung or stomach cancer.

Contraindications for eating a lot of sweet potatoes

We have very good news and that is that the sweet potato is one of the foods that causes the least allergic reactions and intolerances . In fact, everyone can eat, except for those who are sensitive and negatively affected.

Sweet potato is non-toxic and can be safely consumed at almost any age, as long as a doctor says otherwise. Even so, if we eat a lot of sweet potatoes, we will have an increase in diuresis, our skin will temporarily turn yellowish and if the sweet potato is in bad condition it can give us intoxication by bacteria and that leads to nausea, diarrhea and even liver problems due to the ipomearone toxin .