9 swimming accessories for beginners that will make you improve

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend who’s just starting to swim or shopping for yourself, here are 9 beginner swim accessories that will get you better.

Although for a swimming competition it seems that all you need is a swimsuit and a pair of swimming goggles, if you take a look at the necessary equipment during a swimming practice, you will see that the opposite is true .

Accesorios de natación que te harán mejorar

Swimming accessories for beginners

1. Swimming goggles

Old-school purists will argue that they don’t need glasses, and while they’re not required, it’s something that will definitely make you better .

There are two essential reasons why you should always wear goggles in the pool:

  • First of all, you need to have a good field of vision to be able to swim safely among other swimmers and correctly judge the distance between you and the wall.
  • Second, they will protect your eyes from redness and irritation. Although eye redness passes relatively quickly after getting out of the pool, it is much better to avoid it for health and hygiene reasons .

The Speedo Vanquishers 2.0 goggle is comfortable and stylish, the Vanquishers are a favorite with swimmers for their versatility, comfort and aesthetic appeal. They are also extremely durable .

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2. Swimming cap

Swim caps are worn for a variety of reasons, and keeping hair off your face while swimming is one of them. The other is to protect you from the corrosive effects of chemicals used in swimming pools.

Of course, there are situations where you would prefer not to wear a beanie . Some pools are regulated very hot, so wearing a cap is most uncomfortable.

In general, there are two types of swimming caps that are commonly used in training: silicone and latex.

  • Silicone is more durable and usually more comfortable , slightly more expensive and will leave your head a bit warmer.
  • Latex caps are cheap, not as durable, but more breathable compared to silicone caps.

The Arena silicone cap . This is one of the most preferred swimming caps in training in recent years. It’s tough, it’s breathable, and it’s soft enough that it won’t tear at your hair when you put it on or take it off.

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3. Snorkeling

Snorkeling has recently exploded in popularity throughout swim training. Today it would be hard not to find one in an athlete’s swim gear collection.

A snorkel can be used to improve just about anything you can think of in the water, from developing a more balanced stroke, to an entire kick workout that corrects body position.

It is particularly useful for developing a more balanced and complete stroke . Why is this important? Because muscle imbalances are one of the main causes of poor breath in swimmers . An easy way to combat this is by using a snorkel in training.

The FINIS Original Snorkel is one of the best snorkels on the market. It’s cheap, versatile, and will help you become a better swimmer.

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4. Training swimsuit

A training suit is one of the 9 beginner swimming accessories that will make you improve without a doubt .

When choosing a workout suit, make sure it’s comfortable and gives you free range of motion in your hips. Choose the appropriate size so they are not loose or too tight .

Today, perhaps the most common choice is so-called ” jammers “, suits just above the knee. They will not create resistance in the water and are also very comfortable. You can also choose other cuts, such as briefs.

The classic Arena Byor EVO jammer is designed for beginners who are concerned about comfort while training. It is resistant to chlorine and salt water. The percentage of elastane guarantees a perfect fit and exceptional comfort .

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5. Earplugs

For swimmers who need to wear earplugs, this can also fall into the mandatory category . Wearing them is necessary to prevent water from entering the ear canals, which can lead to infection . Earaches are without a doubt the worst.

Earplugs can sometimes help you feel better in the water. If you can’t stand a bit of water around the ear area, get plugs. Cone-shaped plugs are best , but there are also special plastic plugs that can be shaped like your ear .

Mack’s silicone earplugs are one of the best options for swimmers, they are comfortable, easy to adjust, do not allow the passage of water and are washable.

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6. Swimming fins

Having a pair of swim fins can help you become a better swimmer , especially in the beginning. They will help you develop more flexibility and range of motion in your ankles and feet, can help sharpen you to swim at race pace or faster, and can teach you how to breathe properly and maintain proper technique while swimming at high speeds.

You strengthen your legs with the extra surface area of the fins, and for a few moments you experience what it’s like to swim beyond your usual speed .

The short surface area of the Arena Powerfin fins is ideal for occasional training and for people just starting out. They are designed for strength training and to improve kicking . The soft silicone material provides excellent comfort.

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7. Shovels

Think of them as fins for your hands and shoulders. While the natural instinct is to go for the bigger ones, there must be a balance . They should give you more surface area than your hand but not so much that your running pace plummets and your shoulders can’t handle the resistance of the blades.

The Speedo Power Plus are a perfect option. They have excellent quality straps that do not wear out easily and at the same time are very comfortable and wide, which is remarkable given their daily use.

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8. Kickboard

This is one of the 9 essential swimming accessories for beginners that will make you improve. It is a teaching tool and performance enhancer as it can help you improve your leg shape and develop better balance in the water. It is also one of the most common pieces of equipment seen in all pools.

The Speedo Team Kickboard is stiffer than most common kickboards. This stiffness results in a board that lasts longer and is easier to float. The board has grips on the sides.

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9.Pull Buoy

The pull buoy is a great training tool . It is a foam aid with a special “eight” shape. It can be placed between the knees, thighs or ankles. It allows the training of the arms and raises the legs. A very good help to exercise the rotation of the body as well.

For beginners, pull buoys can be used to help with body alignment and to promote positive posture while swimming. The buoyancy of the pull buoy helps to raise your lower body, so you are aligned in the water.

The Finis Pull Buoy is a great option as it does not irritate or hurt your skin, is durable and completely immobilizes your legs for a better workout.

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