9 stressful things to stop tolerating if you want to be successful

Responsibilities, work and routine, among many other things, are factors that alter us physically and psychologically. When we are in situations under pressure or that are difficult to handle, stress hormones (cortisol, serotonin and adrenaline) are altered. The fast pace in which we live is responsible for feeling stressed .

We realize that we feel stressed, but do we know why? Generally, it is not a single thing that generates stress: romantic relationships, work, accounts payable and many other things that if we do not take them calmly can have repercussions to obtain success in everything we propose, but above all, in our health.

Therefore, it is necessary that you know all those stressful things that you must stop doing to obtain that long-awaited success.

Como el estrés te afecta para tener éxito

9 stressful things you should stop doing

1. Toxic relationships

The first thing you should do is cut off any kind of relationship with toxic people . It is easy to recognize them, they are pessimistic, self-centered, they victimize themselves, they are not empathetic, they are envious, and they are not happy about your achievements.

Stop surrounding yourself with the wrong people. A good friend, partner, or even a family member should support you through thick and thin. If it is the opposite, the only thing they cause is discomfort to your life and that you should not tolerate. To be successful, you must be with people who really make you feel good and comfortable with yourself.

Las personas tóxicas causan estrés y malestar

2. Lying to yourself

We all lie, even if it was only once in a lifetime. White lies are the most common, but the problem starts when we do it to ourselves.

Sometimes we do it for the simple fact that we don’t want to hear the truth, and we choose the easy way out so we don’t get hurt. However, this is counterproductive: by lying to ourselves, we only delay our success and do not learn from our mistakes.

Think of it this way, it is like placing a “bandage” on a huge wound. Do not do it. Be honest with yourself.

Mentirse a uno mismo no deja avanzar para tener éxito

3. Don’t leave the past behind

For some people it is common to stagnate in the past. And there is nothing more toxic than not leaving the past behind ; as they say “past trodden.”

How do we expect to start a new cycle if we have not closed the previous one? We cannot begin a new chapter of our lives when we carry that enormous burden on us.

Forgive if you have to, apologize to those people you hurt, stop tormenting yourself for what it would have been, and rest assured that your path to success will be more stable .

Libérate de la carga del pasado para tener éxito

4. Settle for less

This does not mean that you become overly ambitious. The idea is that you realize your capabilities and that you deserve a little more for what you do, in any area of life.

Placing the needs of others above your own is one of the things you should stop doing immediately. Not to become selfish either, but to think of yourself first over others sometimes.

Constantly thinking of others and prioritizing others when you must do it with yourself, produces discomfort. If you know that you deserve so much more, let us know. Don’t settle for leftovers, this is one of the main reasons successful people thrive in life.

El conformismo no nos lleva al éxito

5. Believe in perfection

Perfection does not exist. Keep that in mind, and make it known especially those people who demand too much of you. We are human, we all have faults, and we are almost always wrong. The question is not to demand too much of yourself, this generates terrible stress and anxiety in you .

Successful people have this in mind, and they know that you don’t have to be perfect to achieve in any context. They learn from their mistakes and know exactly their limits.

Tratar de ser perfecto genera estrés

6. Holding on to fears

A person who is constantly afraid of being wrong will never get out of his comfort zone and will not dare to do other kinds of things. You can fall 100 times, that’s for sure, but you have to get up 101 more times. It is better to do it and fall, than to do nothing, right?

Fear is one of the most difficult limitations to combat . Don’t let them take over you and get in the way of what you want: each and every successful person has failed many times before achieving their goals. Remember: You are not going to stop playing for fear of making a mistake.

Tener miedo puede impedir que logres el éxito

7. Putting yourself down

Don’t underestimate yourself, but most importantly, don’t underestimate your skills or abilities . We know that criticism both from ourselves and from others is essential for the development of a person, but doing it constantly is a hindrance for us.

If we regularly criticize ourselves, we will not be able to reach our goals, and we will discard great ideas that could lead us to success. Self- criticism is good , however, doing it regularly is not productive.

No menosprecies tus habilidades o capacidades

8. Accept your own excuses

People when they cannot achieve something are based on excuses. Don’t become one of them. It is acceptable to make excuses to other people but not in relevant contexts.

Sooner or later you will realize that with the excuses you will not get anywhere . And if you want to be successful in life, it’s time for you to take control of it.

Take responsibility for your failures, and in this way you will achieve everything you set out to do. Excuses cause tension , while power creates determination. A responsible and honest person can handle anything.

Las excusas no llevan al éxito

9. Be a jealous person

This applies in many ways, both in love and family, economic and work. It is normal to feel a little jealous of successful people, but what you must keep in mind is that you must focus on yourself.

Jealousy is negative feelings that keep you from moving forward , and sometimes even make us do things that we later regret. If you want to have the same success than others, and s necessary to focus on you and what you want.

Make it worthwhile, only you and no one but you is responsible for your achievements and failures.

No seas una persona celosa si quieres tener éxito


Wealth, and fruitful personal relationships are the main characteristics of a successful person. And to start being one, you need to leave behind certain harmful habits. Remember that these people:

  • They have confidence in themselves and are not afraid of making decisions.
  • They show initiative in any area of their lives.
  • They are persistent, no matter how many times they fail, they always recover to try one more time.
  • They work hard for what they want and are clear about their goals.


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