9 advantages of adjustable dumbbells for training at home

Set up a home gym , yes or no. Many athletes have faced this dilemma. Because of course, the investment is large and deserves your reflection. What if there was another way? For example, use adjustable dumbbells with which to work strength, tone and bodybuilding. Here things change, since the investment is already less. Does it tempt you? After reading these 9 advantages of adjustable dumbbells, you will surely want to set up your first gym.

What are adjustable or adjustable dumbbells and what do they allow me to do?

Adjustable dumbbells are characterized by being free weights, that is, it is the user who decides, before performing the exercise, the weight with which they are going to work. To do this, the dumbbell allows you to insert or remove weight through the discs, in such a way that you calibrate the actual weight according to the level. Typically these metal discs are attached to the guide bar via a clip or nut system.

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With this type of adjustable dumbbells, the strength and power of the posterior train are trained above all. In certain exercises in which the weight is reduced but more repetitions are performed, cardiovascular resistance is also slightly improved.

Despite the widespread false belief, adjustable dumbbells can also be used as ballast to work the leg muscles. Of course, for this we have to be very sure of our strength and also secure the dumbbell well.

Advantages of adjustable dumbbells for training at home

We have already mentioned that adjustable disc dumbbells are good for training strength and bodybuilding at home. But they are also useful to help you lose fat, to improve your sports performance or to face a muscle rehabilitation process.

These advantages of training at home with adjustable dumbbells are not always known.

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It is an economical sports equipment

Unlike other training materials such as machines, adjustable dumbbells are affordable for the vast majority . And they do not require any more extras apart from the bumpers type discs and the platforms to cushion possible falls on the ground.

You need very little space

Besides being cheap, it takes up little. Both for the execution of the exercises and for storing the material itself. You don’t have to think about where you are going to put the machine (in a sports bag, in the closet, for example), and you can continue training even if your available space is minimal.

Variety in exercises

The variety of exercises that can be done at home with adjustable dumbbells is another of its great advantages. In addition, there are many exercises that are commonly done on the bar in gyms and training centers that can be “readjusted” to work with the dumbbells.

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A more precise progression of loads

Thanks to its configuration, training with adjustable dumbbells allows you to better specify the loads to be used, so you are more aware, and a participant, in your own progression.

Increase the explosiveness of training

For athletes as well as for any amateur athlete, it is as important to activate the force as to be able to perform explosive movements . With dumbbells at home you can train doing Olympic lifting exercises with them.

It is 100% safe

In fact, it is safer to use dumbbells than barbells. These are more difficult to hold as they require more balance. In addition, and it is an interesting advantage of the adjustable dumbbells to train at home, they get you to load your back less.

In any case, if you lose your balance or the like, it is always easier and less dangerous to drop a dumbbell than not a barbell.

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Allows more complex motor activity

With the bar, there is only you with your two arms holding it. On the other hand, with dumbbells, each arm can be holding one, in such a way that it forces you to coordinate all the motor elements of the muscles. Ergo, consequently, requires you to improve that intermuscular coordination.

Fewer injuries

When we talked about safety, it also included the fact that dumbbells avoid overloads, especially in those athletes who have already suffered injury in the muscle groups on which they work.

On the other hand, if you are in the process of rehabilitation , it helps you to maintain the area not affected by rehabilitation with the necessary muscle tone and strength so that you do not notice the overexertion to which the unaffected area or limb is usually subjected.

Helps you correct asymmetries

Especially if you have come out of an injury or are a regular player of sports such as paddle tennis or tennis. We all remember Rafa Nadal’s left arm when he started: totally asymmetrical. To this day, it has achieved a greater balance.

Improves recovery from muscle damage

Regardless of whether the injury or muscle damage is located in the triceps or in the pectoral area, working with adjustable dumbbells favors their recovery , and reduces, as we have seen, the risk of further or new injuries.

Now that you know the advantages of adjustable dumbbells for training at home , take a look at some offers and accessories that will be useful to start using them.

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