7 timeless habits that you will always find in happy people

Being happy is a decision, adopting a positive attitude is also, and the most curious thing is that everything is related.

Happy people do not walk down the street just because, but because over time they have understood that they can make their lives much easier by changing certain habits – which generally do not contribute anything good to their personal well-being.

They may go through horrible days, be depressed, or have problems in their office, but this will never be an obstacle to keeping their spirits, trusting themselves, and cultivating resilience. Remember that if you fall, the next thing is to know how to get up.

Discover the habits that happy people always cultivate .

Hábitos imprescindibles para ser feliz

7 practices that really happy people do

1. They are optimistic

Despite having a bad day – like any other – what makes the difference between a normal person and a happy one is that the latter chooses not to remain stuck in the problem.

These types of people are grateful to their world and the situations to which they have been exposed, because they know that they can always bring out the good side of all that. Be positive, if something goes wrong, focus on fixing it and moving on. Letting yourself be sheltered by pessimism only makes things worse.

La gente feliz busca solucionar sus problemas y seguir adelante

2. They disconnect from the world

Within a hectic life, being at peace – at least for a few hours – generates great advances on a mental and emotional level. Blood pressure, fatigue, stress levels, and even depression drop considerably. Happy people know it, for this reason they give themselves the opportunity to recharge their energies, and reconnect with their dreams and purposes.

They go camping, go for a walk, meditate, play sports, make contact with nature … They even get away from their gadgets from time to time!

Las personas felices mantienen contacto con la naturaleza para despejarse

3. They help others

Giving is giving, but also receiving. Happy people enjoy helping others but, above all, it fills them to see them happy, and that is their reward: they do not expect anything in return.

From simple advice to great acts of generosity. These people are moved by a great feeling of well-being and fulfillment, not only knowing that they can contribute something around them, but by doing so, which positively influences their state of mind.

Las personas felices ofrecen su ayuda a quien lo necesite

4. They know how to say no

Maybe you’re used to accepting anything because you hate looking bad to others. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and frustration added to stress, guilt, and even worry about doing everything right.

Happy people try to be as practical as possible and avoid bad times. They try not to saturate themselves with tasks, carry problems that they cannot solve or exceed their own limit. They are fully aware of how much they can handle. Therefore, if you want to be happy and you are not sure about something, it is better to say no.

Las personas felices no hacen cosas que no quieren

5. Cultivate patience

This habit may be one of the most difficult, but happy people pay special attention to this detail and try – every day – to improve their self-control.

It is no secret to anyone that if it is about losing focus, only a few seconds are enough. Practicing patience helps you see innocence in other people at times where you just want to scream and go crazy.

Finding that center of peace allows you to relax and analyze what is causing you to get out of control and then be able to handle it, and avoid bad times.

La gente feliz cultiva su paciencia

6. Appreciate the little pleasures in life

Admire a sunset, eat a pizza with friends, listen to your favorite song on the radio while driving, savor the ice cream you wanted so much… life is about enjoying the little details that make it up ; something that everyone knows but that many forget and stop practicing.

Appreciating the simple things, having the wisdom of their importance in the world and the beauty that they bring to life, make people much happier beings.

Disfrutar de los pequeños placeres de la vida aumenta la felicidad

7. They choose to have healthier and more real relationships

For happy people it is more important to create lasting bonds with people whom they can trust and share their greatest interests. Deep talks and that feeling of closeness promote collective well-being and certainly make those involved happier.

Las personas felices prefieren tener relaciones más cercanas y reales


Happiness, more than a state of mind, is a daily decision. We can all choose to be more positive, act from sincerity and the heart to feel better about our environment and ourselves.

Being aware of the good things in life and what we can contribute to others is undoubtedly one of the best techniques to cultivate happiness. Do you have a habit to change? Better start now.


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