7 pushing exercises to tone your whole body

Pushing exercises are perfect for toning your entire body. Whoever seeks to perfect each of their muscles to obtain results of ten must take them into account in each training. It is true that it takes some effort to achieve them, but it will undoubtedly be worth it when we are aware that we are meeting our objectives . If you want to know which are the most prominent, you just have to read this article. Every time you practice each of them you will be taking a step forward.

The best pushing exercises

There are different types of pushing exercises depending on the part of the body that we want to develop . For this reason, we have classified them in this section in order for you to organize yourself and get the most out of each one of them.


In order to obtain the greatest benefits for this part of the body, we recommend that you carry out the exercises that we describe below.

Bench press

ejercicios de empuje

To start the bench press we have to lie down on a flat bench. We must place the shoulders, buttocks and hips on it. In the case of the feet, they should rest on the ground and be separated from each other about the width of the shoulders. Regarding the hands, it is necessary to grasp the bar in such a way that the palms face forward . They should also be as far apart as the feet. On the other hand, the arm and the forearm have to form an angle of ninety degrees. Therefore, the bar with which we are going to work must be located just above our chest.

Once we are in the correct position, the time has come to inspire and begin to lower the bar towards us . When the latter is placed on our chest, we must push again to bring it to its starting place by exhaling. The arms must move slowly and in no case the back must separate from the bench.


ejercicios de empuje

Push- ups are pushing exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere. In addition, you do not need any type of tool to carry them out. The first step is to place ourselves face down, with the palms of the hands resting on the floor at the height of our shoulders. The other point with which we will support the weight of our body to keep it completely straight will be the tip of the feet. Next, we must begin to descend by bending our arms. To continue, we just have to get back to the starting position. Of course, when going down we should not end up lying down , otherwise the exercise would not provide the same results.

Press Arnold

ejercicios de empuje

To do the Arnold press we have to sit on a bench with our back supported by the backrest. Next, we must take two dumbbells, one with each hand. The palms should be facing forward and placed at the pectoral level . At this point, it is time to raise the weights while rotating the arms in such a way that the palms end up facing backwards. We stop when our upper extremities are in a right angle position . In this way, the hands will be at the same height as the shoulders. The last step is to fully stretch the arms, so they will be placed above our head. After holding out for a few seconds, we must return to the starting position to do more repetitions again.


If you want to develop your triceps , we recommend that you carry out the pushing exercises that we explain in this section.

French press

Press francés

To carry out the French press , we must bear in mind that the elbows should not open, but rather have to bend forward. Therefore, the bar should not be carried towards our chest, but back. In addition, when raising it, it is important to extend the elbow until the forearm is perpendicular to the ground . Regarding the descent, it must be slow so that the triceps is activated and toned as much as possible.

To perform the French press we can use both barbells and dumbbells, but there are those who advise using dumbbells . The reasons are diverse. For example, with these devices we will get both arms to make the same effort . Also, by betting on a neutral grip, the wrists will suffer less during training. Also, with the dumbbells it will be easier to align the elbows . However, there are many athletes who prefer the bar and still do not suffer any type of injury when controlling the technique.

Dumbbell extensions

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To do the dumbbell extensions we can be both standing and sitting. When starting them, we must take a dumbbell and raise the arm by the side of the head, keeping it fully stretched. At this moment, we have to lower the load without moving the arm, only by flexing the elbow , as if we wanted to touch our shoulder with the weight, but without actually doing so. Again, we slowly return the arm to the vertical position so that each muscle fulfills its proper function and is fully developed. We have the opportunity to alternate arms or do the movement with both hands at the same time .


Regarding the legs , there are also numerous exercises that we can carry out. Here we propose some of them so that you can exercise your lower extremities effectively.


ejercicios de empuje

To do squats , the first thing to do is stand with your legs straight or out. Feet should be shoulder width apart. To be more effective, it is important to use force in the abdominal part , that is, to carry out the same movement that we would do if we believed that they were going to hit us in the stomach. Also, we have to look forward with our heads held high. Now, the movement that we must execute is to sit down with force with the legs.

The knees must be parallel to the feet at all times , without the tip of the feet sticking out. Likewise, the upper part of the body must be kept straight, without the back bending at any time. When we have endured the effort for a few seconds, we will return to the starting position to do several repetitions . Without a doubt, an exercise that will benefit each of our muscles. For best results you can practice with dumbbells, even with one leg to multiply your strength.

Leg press

Prensa de piernas

An exercise to tone the muscles of our legs is the press . To do this, we must place our entire back on the back of the machine, without taking it off at any time, after choosing the weight we want to lift. We can increase it progressively, making sure that we are not going to experience any mishaps during training. Next, we place our feet on the platform and push it up. At no time should we fully extend the knees when we are lifting the weight. Also, we cannot perform impulses. The reason for the latter is that we must concentrate the effort on the muscles we want to work without suffering any type of injury.

If we practice all these exercises constantly, we will notice the results soon, without forgetting that perseverance is one of the most important points when shaping our body.