7 little habits that can change your life for the better

Our way of thinking about personal development and the design of life that we want to lead is very similar to the way we think and the habits that we form day after day.

Every time we spend time doing something it is a worthwhile investment. Sometimes we do not realize what we are doing because we think they are unimportant things or activities, but it is not like that. The time we invest in details or small habits is very important.

7 changes to improve your life today

1. Make a point of getting up early and stick to it

Setting the alarm is only a small part of your battle, the real purpose is to set a time and get out of bed. By setting the alarm the night before, you are making a promise to yourself to get up at the set time. If you listen to your alarm and ignore it, you’ll be starting the day off on the wrong foot. Your first promise will be broken.

This point is not about being on time, but about practicing the habit of doing what you say and commit to it, and what better way to practice with the first thing you should do in the morning.

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2. Write down 10 ideas per day

This is a habit that will bring you great benefits. You should always carry a notebook with you throughout your day and write down 10 ideas that come to mind. By doing this your brain feels as if the idea is recognized. If you do it for days you will see that you will be able to gain great ideas that you will be able to carry them out if you set your mind to it.

3. Have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner

You must bear in mind that there is always time to eat, if you feel that you do not have it, something is out of your personal balance. The reason mealtime is so important is because personal health takes precedence over everything else. If you don’t eat, at some point you will have damage to your health.

During breakfast you can also use the time to read, during lunch you can catch up with someone, and at dinner you can see your loved ones, friends or family. What better way to make the most of your time than by eating healthy?

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4. Read for 30 minutes every day

Thirty minutes is not a long time, in fact it may be the time you spend in a line at the supermarket. Maybe you can chunk 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there, but 30 minutes of reading per day is essential to keep your brain fresh and gain new knowledge.

5. Get physical activity

Physical health is crucial to keeping your mind clear and open, especially if your job involves staring at a screen for 8-10 hours a day. It is essential that you take at least 30 minutes to an hour to do some physical activity, be it yoga, gymnastics, boxing or running. Also, people who do some type of training tend to be more creative.

6. Meditate for 15 minutes

You can meditate or sit quietly to read a journal, the main idea is that you need to spend time to be in contact with your thoughts. By making meditation a habit you will become aware of what bothers you or what makes you feel good and you can approach it calmly, as well as get a clear idea of how you should face the future.

Meditar para disminuir el estrés

7. Reflect before going to bed

Before going to bed, take 5 minutes to reflect and write down in a journal a couple of things that went well for you during the day. Then write other things that you would like to do differently the next day. The reason this is so effective is because you stay honest with yourself. Without reflection you will not have a real direction to go.


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