7 leg exercises with TRX for your suspension training

We all like to show off a good physique, feel good about ourselves. For this, it is important that we take care of ourselves, that we follow a healthy diet and do sports. For this reason, throughout this article we are going to describe some leg exercises with TRX . You will notice the changes in a short time, you just have to be constant.

Leg exercises with TRX

The TRX is a suspension training system that consists of a harness with two handles and that can be anchored to any door, tree or similar elements in order to intensely work the body. There are numerous exercises to strengthen, for example, the arms and the back, but in this article we will focus on the leg exercises .

Leg extension

To work the hamstrings and quadriceps, we can perform this movement starting from the plank position, that is, with the feet attached to the TRX grips, in suspension.

From this moment, with the body aligned from the head to the heels and with the legs in extension, we flex the latter and slowly return to the starting position .

Hamstring curl

To specifically exercise the hamstrings or hamstrings and also strengthen the glutes , we can perform this movement with TRX .

We will start lying face up on the ground and we will place our heels on the TRX grips. In this way, we must contract the abdomen and raise the hips so that only the upper back remains supported on the floor.

From this position we will flex the knees to bring the heels to the buttocks while, simultaneously, we raise the pelvis to make the movement possible.

Pistol squat

The single leg squat or pistol squat is a truly complex and demanding exercise, but with TRX we can achieve it by using its grips as support.

Although we should not use force with the arms , but try to concentrate all the effort on the only leg resting on the ground, this grip can give us a minimum stability and help us to achieve the exercise.

It is important to lower the buttocks as much as possible and push up with our leg. Also remember to squat, so the glutes should go back and the knee should never go past the tip of the foot.

From this complex exercise we can perform 2 to 3 series of 10 or 12 repetitions each , on both sides.


The first thing we should do is grab the handles of the TRX and pull them back. Later, we must also stretch our arms backwards. Next, we will descend with one of the knees until it is very close to the ground, without touching it. We must keep our back neutral as much as possible.

The neck should be aligned with the back , to avoid putting it on unnecessarily tension. Once we have flexed one of the legs, we will go back to the starting position. Later we will do the same with the opposite leg.

Single leg deadlift

The deadlift is essential when it comes to achieving good muscle work that strengthens the glutes and legs. In addition, one of the most complex variants is the one-legged deadlift that we can perform by resting our hands on the TRX’s grips.

We descend with one leg as the only support, and the knee slightly bent, and we slowly ascend using force with the leg and not with the arms.

It is essential to concentrate the force in the lower body and keep the back straight throughout the exercise in order to avoid injuries. Of this movement we can perform 2 to 3 series of 15 to 20 repetitions each , on both sides.


The first thing we should do is grab the handles of the TRX and pull them back . We will grasp them with our hands placed in a neutral position. That is, with the knuckles facing forward

Stretching the bands to the maximum, we must begin the exercise. They have to be in tension, so that they can hold us well while we squat with TRX .

Subsequently, we must bend the knees, throwing the glute back . We will have to go down until breaking the parallel between the knee and the hip or until breaking the angle of 90º that the hip and the knee form.

Back and neck

The back should be in a neutral position during the exercise. To do this, it is essential that we make the gesture of sitting down as we go down. Pulling your glute back will be crucial.

We will also keep the neck in a neutral position aligned with the trunk at all times. While doing this movement, the arms should remain straight at all times .

Side lunge

Another one of the leg exercises with TRX is the lateral lunge . To carry it out, we will stand facing the anchor point of the TRX , in a vertical position with the knees slightly bent. To perform the exercise, we will take a lateral stride with one leg, leaving the other fixed at the starting point. We will alternate the exercise with both legs.

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