7 benefits of a relaxing bath at home and how to prepare it easily

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a relaxing bath at home ? The foam, the hot water, the dim light, classical music playing in the background … If you are reading these lyrics, you will be considering putting the bathtub into operation and using those effervescent balls that are becoming so fashionable both in supermarkets and in specialized stores . Seize the moment and do it. In this article we explain the reasons and advise you how to prepare the perfect bath .

Benefits of a relaxing bath at home

There are many benefits that we will obtain from a relaxing bath at home . If you want to know them, you just have to continue reading.

A moment for you

Taking into account the rhythm of life we lead, we never stop to think about ourselves, what we need or how we find ourselves. For this reason, a relaxing bath at home can help us analyze where we are and how to improve our day to day to feel better. It is a small therapy that will help us with those problems that we do not want to externalize but that, without a doubt, it is an obligation to face them.

Remove toxins

Without a doubt, when we enjoy a hot bath our body sweats . In this way we will eliminate toxins and improve our health with an activity that satisfies anyone.

Improves blood circulation

Enjoying a relaxing hot bath at least twice a week will stimulate the work of your blood vessels . This is because, in the face of the release of tensions, the hot water will boost the blood pumping from the heart, making the heart work faster and stronger.

Likewise, a good advice to optimize this benefit is to add sea salt to your bath , since minerals such as zinc, calcium and potassium present in this product will provide all its nutrients and will naturally improve your blood circulation .

baño relajante en casa

Relaxing therapy

Taking a good bath at home can be the best way to enter a complete state of relaxation. It is proven that contact with warm water can relax the nervous system helping to get rid of not only stress, but also anxiety and even depression.

If you want to get the maximum benefit from this section, you can use some herbs such as chamomile, mint or rosemary during the bath depending on the objective you are looking for. Likewise, lavender flowers or rose petals are also recommended for taking relaxing baths.

Fight insomnia

The warm or hot water will relax your body preparing it for a restful and restful sleep. A good bath will increase your body temperature and relax your muscles . This will rest you physically and mentally, giving you that peace of mind that many of us need at the end of the day.

Regulates blood pressure

Some scientific studies claim that a hot bath can lower blood pressure . Therefore, a good bath at home on a regular basis can be a great option if you suffer from heart disease or need to take care of your blood pressure rises.

Skin improvement

Contacting your skin with hot water and steam is a great way to ensure hydration of your body from the outside in . The human body is made primarily of water and this is why we need to stay adequately hydrated. Not only consuming the necessary amount of water but also with well-deserved relaxing baths.

The perfect bathroom

To enjoy a perfect bathroom, you just have to follow the instructions that we propose below.

Clean bathtub

Of course, to enjoy a relaxing bath at home we need the means that we have at our disposal to be in the best possible condition. For this reason, without a doubt, take a few minutes to clean the bathtub and be able to enjoy it afterwards.

Duration and temperature

Experts say that the optimal duration of a bath should be between 10 and 20 minutes . The best thing is that the temperature is between 32 and 35 degrees , so that the water is warm, instead of hot, and thus the pores are dilated. If the water temperature is above 44 degrees it can raise blood pressure, burning the skin and destroying its protective layer. This can lead to a dry and irritated dermis.

Coping with insomnia

If you want to fight insomnia , the best ingredient is lavender and Twilight, packed with this plant with soothing properties. It is formulated to help you sleep.


Before getting into the bathtub, don’t forget to create a playlist with those songs that help you feel relaxed . You can even decorate the bathroom with some candles that will help you add tranquility to the environment.

Bath salts

The Bath bombs and bath salts relax and detoxify . There is even evidence that they relieve inflammations and sports injuries, as well as arthritis, back pain, skin problems, colds and flu.

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