6 yoga poses you should practice if you like to travel

We all love traveling to rest from routine activities, get to know different cultures or just relax a bit. However, many times we cannot do it because we cannot bear the discomfort and discomfort that a long trip on the road, by train or very long and stressful flights can generate.

Fortunately, through some yoga poses you can avoid feeling that discomfort and feel more comfortable on those long trips, since some yoga poses help relieve back pain and make blood flow regularize and travel throughout the body to avoid the horrible cramps. The best thing about these exercises is that you do not require any special equipment and that you can do them anywhere.

Do not wait any longer and know what are the 6 best yoga poses that you should practice if you travel frequently .

Poses de yoga si viajas con frecuencia

6 yoga poses you should do if you travel frequently

1. Downward facing dog pose

This pose is very effective in relieving back pain that occurs after sitting in an uncomfortable place for hours. By applying this technique you will be able to open the hamstrings, chest and shoulders.

Instructions for Performing the Downward Facing Dog Pose

  • Place your fingertips on the wall or on a piece of furniture at hip height.
  • Walk back a few steps and slowly begin to bend your spine until your legs and torso are at a 90-degree angle to the floor.
  • Your ankles should be in line and visible below your hips.

Poses de yoga adecuadas tras un viaje

2. Chair pose

The chair pose is truly beneficial to strengthen the body. With it, it is possible to wake up all the parts of the body since it favors the correct blood flow in the legs, buttocks, core and arms. This pose should be done as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair.

Instructions for executing the Utkasana pose

  • Place your feet together approximately hip width apart.
  • Bring your tailbone as close to the ground as possible, placing your buttocks back.
  • Place your fingertips toward the ceiling and look up by placing your head back.

Poses de yoga si te gusta viajar

3. Tree pose

By applying this posture you will improve balance, flexibility, ankle stability and concentration. In addition, stretching will help you strengthen the back and sides of the legs and the core.

Instructions for executing the Vrksasana pose

  • Stand near a wall so that you can hold onto it if you lose your balance.
  • Stand firmly on the floor and gently and slowly bring your left foot up to the calf of the right leg or upper thigh.
  • Change your leg and repeat the exercise.

Poses para aliviar dolores tras viajes largos

4. Forward bend pose

This pose is perfect for relieving back pain caused by uncomfortable seats . In turn, this exercise stimulates blood flow to the brain, stretches the hamstrings and lowers the back, eliminating the stress that is concentrated on the spine.

How to perform the Uttanasana pose

  • Place both feet firmly on the ground.
  • Place your fingertips or palms along the outer edge of each foot and stretch your torso forward.

Cómo aliviar los dolores de la espalda baja tras un viaje

5. Half moon pose

Performing this pose after a lake and an uncomfortable car ride will improve your balance, strengthen your core, and stimulate your leg muscles, as well as feeling more active.

How to perform the Ardha Chandrasana pose

  • Stand firm and gradually place the fingertips of your right hand on the ground.
  • Then lift your left foot and leave your right foot on the ground without bending your knee.
  • Then look straight ahead and raise your left arm. Then repeat with the other leg.

Poses de yoga para aliviar molestias de un viaje

6. Extended Side Angle Pose

Performing this pose you will avoid feeling those pains that are unleashed after a lake trip. This technique is perfect for relieving lower back pain and reducing stiffness in the leg muscles.

How to perform the Parsvakonasana pose

  • Stretch your left leg into a crescent pose and flex your right foot. It is important that you have the back of your heels flat on the ground while you bend your knee.
  • Lengthen your torso and place your forearm high on your thigh for support.
  • Raise your right arm and extend your chest.

Poses de yoga si viajas con frecuencia


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