6 tips to organize and train at lunchtime

Exercising at lunch is not as challenging as it used to be. After all, you no longer have to rush back to the office after your workouts, you can sweat knowing there is a shower waiting for you just a few feet away.

But when your training is sandwiched between Zoom meetings, adapting the time to shower (and get ready) can get left behind. That is the reason for many times seeing some colleagues with reddened faces or crazy hairs.

Here are the best tips on how to exercise during your lunch break and look your best for later meetings.

How to take advantage of the time to train at lunch time?

Keep hydrated

During your workout, blood flow increases to transport more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. But like a car engine, your body releases heat to break down fuel. This makes your pores dilate and release sweat so you don’t overheat.

To help you cool down faster after a mealtime workout, it’s recommended to drink cold water and wipe sweat from your neck and face with a cool, damp towel. The cold causes the capillaries [blood vessels] to shrink again. When they dilate, they fill with oxygenated blood, causing flushing of the face and cheeks.

Getting some fresh air will do you good too, whether that means leaving the room, opening a window, or sitting next to a fan. Your skin will be able to breathe and sweat and oil will evaporate more efficiently. Splash some cold water on your face during and after a workout to reduce redness on your face.

If you feel very flushed and persistently sweaty after exercise, you can also add ice packs to your post-workout routine.

Do low intensity workouts

When you think fast and dirty, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is usually the way to go because it allows you to get a lot done in a short time.

The problem is that whatever heat your body produces during exercise (and how much you sweat) is maximized with high intensity workouts. With HIIT, you may even end up drenched in sweat after exercise.

So if you have a meeting scheduled immediately after your lunchtime workout, it may be best to stick with low-intensity exercises, like yoga.

hombre haciendo entrenamiento en casa

Wash your face

The positive side of Zoom meetings is that others only have to see you from the chest up. So if you don’t have time to shower, no one has to know.

However, you still need to clean your face. The face is the fattest part of the body with the highest concentration of sebaceous glands. So grab your favorite soap and wash your face and neck quickly. Or, if you’re short on time, face wipes can help.

However, single-use wipes are not good for the environment, and biodegradable ones may contain ingredients that can cause irritation.

Go with your natural face

There is no need to go with a glamorous face for a virtual meeting. To make things easier for yourself, let your skin look the way it is. Your busiest days can also tend to be makeup-free days. Instead, try these low-maintenance options to keep your skin fresh:

  • Moisturizing mist. To refresh you after a workout, a light hydrating mist gives the most beautiful glow effect and can be worn throughout the day
  • S uero. Another product to try is the Luminous Facial Serum, which instantly enhances the glow of your skin. You can also turn to serums with niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3 .
  • I lighting . Good lighting is everything. You sure have a selfie ring light that can also give a natural glow in video meetings.

Try an easy hairstyle

If you are like other mortals, you are probably looking for the path to less worry.

  • Dry shampoo. Applying a few drops of dry shampoo after a workout can help remove some of the accumulated sweat from your hair and hide sweat after exercise.
  • Put your hair up. If you have long hair and want to keep it out of your face, toss it loosely back into a messy high ponytail or bun. Just be sure to avoid using elastic bands to tie your hair, which can cause breakage.
  • Braids And if you have natural hair, you can help maintain your hairstyle during your workouts by trying a protective style, like braids.
  • Env RESOLVES your hair. After your workout, find a brightly colored turban or scarf with a nice print. Wrapping your hair and wearing chunky earrings is a great way to feel groomed.
  • Beard oils. Beard oil can be a quick way to refresh and groom your facial hair. Products that do not contain comedogenic oils such as coconut oil are recommended. The preferred non-clogging oils are argan oil, linseed oil, and grapeseed oil.

Dress to impress

Dressing for the office takes on a whole new meaning when working from home. Luckily for you, it also means that you only have to worry about looking your best from the waist up, which is even better if you’re trying to recover after a lunchtime workout.

  • Camouflage yourself . The first rule of thumb for dressing after training is to choose a material that does not show that you are wet. That is especially important if you are prone to sweating after exercise. Cotton or even a mixed shirt usually turns darker when covered in sweat. A type of dry, moisture-wicking fit material generally doesn’t show as much sweat.
    Color matters too. Grays, reds, greens, and blues will show some of the biggest color changes when you sweat, but black generally hides it pretty well.
  • Put on several layers . Wear pieces that are easy to put on over your workout clothes. We all love a lightweight sports jacket. It’s a simple and sophisticated way to make any workout outfit look more polished and professional. It is the perfect complement after a workout, especially when you are training on a Zoom call.