6 places to have the best beer in Madrid

If you pass through the Spanish capital and you like beer, we have created a guide with the best breweries in the city where you can have the best beer in Madrid, whether national, international or artisanal. Do not miss it!

The best breweries where to have the best beer in Madrid

The tape

La tape

In just a short time since its opening, La Tape was already a regular place for residents of the San Bernardo neighborhood. And it is one of the only breweries in Madrid that offers the possibility of tasting beers throughout the day from noon thanks to dishes as original as a German cherry-flavored beer cake called Kriek Boon.

La Tape is the perfect place to try traditional beer . Here you can try craft beers from all over the world: Germany, Switzerland, the United States and, of course, Spanish. In addition, La Tape offers a “Tape Away” domestic service where you can order all the natural products of the store, from breakfast to the menu of the day, including dinner.

Santa Barbara Brewery

Cervecería Santa Bárbara

Among the places where you can have the best beer in Madrid is the place that makes the best beer in the whole city , the Santa Bárbara brewery. In this temple of barley they talk about technical perfection to serve the perfect beer: moisten the glass to achieve the perfect temperature, tilt it 45 degrees from the tap, open the tap and allow the beer to fall on the wall of the glass. Finally, it will be necessary to let it rest for a few seconds until the foam disappears.


La Fábrica

This is one of the best breweries where you can have the best beer in Madrid since it is an authentic beer museum in the center of the capital. Visitors come from all corners of Europe to admire its works of art and it is decorated with beer barrels and collector’s pieces of the drink most consumed by the Spanish. It is one of the only places that has up to seven taps of different brands that you can choose to your liking to drink the perfect beer. You can choose from different textures, colors, flavors and a wide variety of beers from around the world.

Toast tavern

Toast Tavern

The Toast Tavern is one of the places where you can have the best beer in Madrid because it offers an incredible selection of craft beers and a trained staff that will be happy to guide you according to your beer tastes. There are 8 craft beers on tap and the food is highly recommended too, especially the roast beef sandwich, but if you have veggie friends don’t worry they have veggie dishes too.

The virgin

La Virgen

La Virgen is one of the pioneering places for craft beer in Madrid and its brewery is located north of the city in Las Rozas. Freshly brewed beer and delicious burgers are served daily. On Wednesday nights you can visit the brewery and enjoy a fantastic tasting .

The Wonders Factory

La Fábrica Maravillas

La Fábrica Maravillas was the first beer bar in Madrid and continues to satisfy its customers with its selection of beers made in its facilities . The best part is that you can see the beer vats inside the bar and see the process at first glance. It’s just a bar, so don’t count on anything other than olives or mixed nuts, but it’s located in Malasaña, so you’ll have plenty of options for a bite to eat when your appetite hits.