6 essential steps to improve your self-confidence

Emotional insecurity is a very common feeling that we all experience at some point in our personal or work life. This feeling makes us doubt our qualities and abilities, and may even negatively affect our actions and quality of life.

Therefore, the challenge is not to avoid those moments, but to know how to manage them to achieve your purposes in life and get out of emotional insecurity with success. If you want to strengthen your self-confidence and succeed in all the goals you set for yourself, introduce the following positive habits into your life.

6 steps to improve your self-confidence

1. Say “yes” quickly

It is very common for people to feel fear and anxiety, but the best measure to interrupt these feelings and prevent them from increasing is not to let negative, obsessive and doubtful thoughts advance. Therefore, it is best to be positive and say quickly if I can, if I want or if I will.

Cómo aumentar tu autoconfianza

2. Keep a positive feedback log

Positive feedback is very important for all people as it allows us to remember our strengths, abilities and how important we are to others, which translates into valuing ourselves as a person. Therefore, to attract that positive energy and succeed in all your goals, it is very important to keep a record of all the congratulations and expressions of affection that we have received.

Fortunately, there are currently many options to express gratitude and affection, among which we can highlight:

  • Emails messages.
  • Thank you notes from friends and family.
  • Tokens of appreciation from clients or colleagues you have helped.

The most advisable thing is to store all those affectionate samples for example in an online file storage system, in a personal or public diary or simply print them. In this way, whenever you feel sad, doubtful or insecure, you can open the folder, read the messages and give yourself positive feedback .

Registrar reconomientos para aumentar la autoconfianza

3. Practice meditation exercises

To improve your self-confidence, I recommend that you practice meditation at the beginning of each day. Fortunately, it does not take a lot of time, tea or candles to start attracting the benefits of meditation, since research has confirmed that all it takes to meditate and relax is 10 minutes and listen to some music to your liking. .

If you start practicing meditation you can also:

  • Increase happiness.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Improve concentration.

La meditación aumenta la autoconfianza

4. Listen to music.

Listening to music is a good option to lift your mood. To improve self-confidence it is recommended to listen to positive and happy songs. The most important thing is that your playlist has a good number of positive messages .

La música puede aumentar la autoconfianza

5. Remember the goals you have achieved

Goals are not easy to achieve, and many times to achieve one of them we must overcome a series of internal and external obstacles that prevent us from achieving them, which requires a great deal of effort. The negative is that, despite everything you have fought to achieve your goals and have achieved them, you have forgotten them.

Do not make this mistake, remember that with effort, dedication and perseverance you have come very far and that you can go even further.

Modos de aumentar la autoconfianza

6. Remember that we are all here to learn

It is normal to feel fear when we are presented with a new opportunity or challenge, but if you think that you can and that you will do it very well, you have already traveled more than half the way to success.

The best way to learn is to do , so keep trying to do what you dream of, in the end it will be worth all the effort as every moment is an opportunity to grow.


Building self-confidence may not be easy and it takes a lot of dedication for some time, but if you follow these habits today with perseverance and effort, you will have already achieved the first part of the road to success. Go ahead and follow these habits!


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