5 types of people who will help you grow in your professional career

Although your professional career is always your choice, professional improvement and the changes that occur in working life are not necessarily easy.

Acquiring new skills, exploring new options, getting good and timely advice, or finding alternative paths eventually require support. Fortunately, there are many types of people who can help you along the way of finding the necessary resources and making the right decisions for your future. Thus. making new contacts and seeking help may be the best career decision you have ever made. You never know where or how your next opportunity will occur.

Discover the 5 types of people who will help you grow in your professional career .

Qué personas pueden ayudarte a alcanzar tus objetivos laborales

5 types of people who will benefit your career

1. Friends

Friends can be very useful at work, since most likely you have similar ideas and, therefore, you will be able to share advice and experiences to advance each one in your respective businesses. In the same way, friends can be beneficial in your professional career if you are in the industry or in different levels of position, since you can obtain different perspectives that can help to contextualize your own position and professional future.

Best of all, you can always count on your friends for honest opinions and sound personal advice, regardless of their career.

Amigos que apoyan tu vida profesional

2. Association of alumni of your university

These types of people are invaluable support in your professional life , since their wealth lies in the diversity of work experience. Consequently, you will be exposed to a number of potential career paths, industries, backgrounds, and as a consequence, a range of potential new opportunities.

Therefore, it is recommended that you keep in touch with the alumni association of your university, whether you are officially part of it or not, and establish contacts with your former classmates and professors to have new opportunities and exchanges ideas.

Qué tipo de personas aportan más a tu carrera profesional

3. Mentors

Mentors are those types of people who bring you their experience because they have already passed through the position or reached the goal you set for yourself. He or she knows exactly what types of frustrations or conflicts you are facing, and what are the consequences of the decisions you can make, according to the circumstance.

The attributes that a good mentor must have are: experience, communication, rapport and connections. On the other hand, a good mentor should be someone you like for coffee and who you trust enough, because at some point you will ask difficult questions and should be able to give you constructive criticism.

For many young professionals, a mentor is the first step in kickstarting their career.

Importancia de los mentores en tu carrera profesional

4. Network of professionals

A network of professionals is an online community made up of a variable number of people active in the workplace in various fields of knowledge. Such a network can help you meet new people who will keep you in touch with various industries, experiences, approaches, and ways of creating and managing careers.

If you are looking for advice, you can find professional networking events where you can attend, at very low cost or even free.

Una red de profesionales puede impulsar tu carrera

5. Family

Last but not least is the family. Your parents, siblings or spouses may have contacts that can help you get a better position, a new resource, the necessary experience that they can share with you to guide you in the right direction when making decisions and objectively determine what is the right thing to do. better for your professional life .

They can make your career prosper, and the most remarkable thing is that the family will always be there for you, no matter what career you choose.

For better or for worse, you will always have a support system that you can trust.

Tu familia te puede ayudar a crecer profesionalmente


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