5 tips for cycling in winter

For some, exercise can be very boring and heavy, but for others, leading an active and healthy life is an important part of their lifestyle.

If you don’t want to put your training aside just because of a little snow or the arrival of the holidays, it is important to take some considerations before getting on your bike and going out to train.

Find out what guidelines you should follow to make the most of the winter period in your cycling training .

What should I keep in mind when riding my bike in winter?

1. Is it convenient to train in winter?

Add knobby tires to your bike and go exercise. While riding a bike in a few inches of snow might not be one of the fastest bike rides, we assure you it’s a great strength workout for your legs.

If you manage to have a constant training during the winter generating muscular resistance in the legs, you will notice an incredible change in your physical condition when spring arrives.

practicar ciclismo en invierno

2. How to maintain body temperature?

A good way to maintain body temperature while cycling in cold weather is to rub a special ointment on your legs to change your riding experience.

When temperatures start to drop below 15 degrees, applying an ointment increases blood flow, so the oxygen will circulate more efficiently keeping your muscles warm and loose. This will allow you to ride your bike for longer with a higher intensity.

On frosty days, use the ointment under leggings or heaters for additional protection and, if desired, use it on any other part of the body.

One last recommendation would be to be careful when applying it (wear latex gloves) as it can generate some unnecessary burning sensation.

hacer ciclismo en invierno

3. What equipment should I bring?

If you live in an area where winter turns out to be quite intense, there is no single item that can keep you out of the cold when riding your bike.

It will be necessary for this time to use all the necessary accessories to combat the cold (Starting with a very good jacket, ankle boots and even a balaclava)

On the other hand, the clothing needs to be windproof with an insulated fleece (don’t expect it to be 100 percent waterproof) and it needs to be breathable to let moisture escape, but don’t think that it will be completely waterproof.

Other important details are:

  • A covered zipper.
  • A turtleneck jacket.
  • 360 degree reflective lights to make the road more visible in low light conditions.

Lastly, avoid dropping your money on the road. Make sure all your personal items fit snugly inside your pockets.

cómo montar en bicicleta en invierno

4. Should you trust your mechanic?

Neither more nor less than you should trust your doctor, or on whom your financial stability depends. But relax, you are not responsible for making judgments, just trust, listen to your bike and it will tell you whether or not your mechanic is trustworthy and does his job correctly.

5. How to face the New Year?

First of all, be realistic . If you eliminate foods that you like from your diet, you are already making a mistake. It is difficult to be strict and constant on holidays but do not wait for a new year to begin to decide to change your lifestyle, remember that it is never too late.

If your goal is to lose weight you can do things with a little more calm, but if you are trying to get in shape and want to handle the bicycle optimally you will need to be a little more strict and not get carried away by the temptations of the party New year.


The best advice is not to get too obsessed. If you have been active all year with your exercise routine plus a balanced and healthy diet, taking a break or being more permissive with food, it will not do you any harm. However, with the advice we have provided you will be able to ride a bicycle perfectly even if the temperatures are somewhat lower than normal.

Everything is about achieving a balance, do not forget that rest is also necessary to achieve changes and remember: this time is about sharing and being with the family.


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