5 products that will make your next flight more comfortable

What if we take a long plane trip? That sounds like a good idea. Whether you are going on vacation or heading to an important business meeting with foreign companies, getting around by plane is one of the most used transportation methods.

However, sometimes, for the sake of practicality or speed, you have to give in to other things. For example, comfort. What many do not know is that, believe it or not, it is possible to take the luxuries to the tourist class, and for much less tickets.

Find out how to travel the skies in the best business class style with these 5 products that will make your flight more comfortable.

Artículos diseñados para viajar cómodamente

5 products to travel comfortably by plane

1. A neck pillow

It may not be one of the cheapest you can get on the market, but the “Cabeau” pillow is one of those wonders that will make your plane trip much more pleasant . Its structure, made of foam, adapts to the shape of your neck to ensure maximum grip and comfort.

You no longer have to worry about those hard and uncomfortable pillows offered by the airline you travel with, as the “Cabeau” will make sure you have sweet dreams, even in the air!

It includes a small bag for comfortable transport, as well as top quality side and rear supports. It also has a player, inputs to connect various electronic devices and best of all, its cover is perfectly washable in the washing machine or dry!

2. A portable battery

Has it happened to you that, in the middle of your trip, your mobile runs out of charge? That really is a problem. Fortunately, technology is one step ahead of us, and now we have the “Power core”, known colloquially as rechargeable portable batteries.

Each of them has several USB outputs that will allow you to connect any type of device, so that you will never go through the painful situation of walking through unfamiliar terrain without a load.

3. A tablet

Apple isn’t the only alternative when it comes to tablet technology. Currently, Amazon has launched its own line of these devices, and the reviews have been excellent!

Reviewed as intuitive, comfortable to use and quite inexpensive devices, the Amazon Fire Tablets have taken a strong position in the market in recent months. In fact, various web portals claim that it is an ideal device for traveling , due to its lightness, size and connection speed.

4. Amazon Kindle

Are you one of those who gets bored on airplanes, but doesn’t enjoy carrying a lot of weight? This device launched by Amazon several years ago is ideal for you.

The Amazon Kindle lets you take the latest and greatest literary titles with you in one place. And what is better, in a much lighter way! Say goodbye to back pain from heavy bags. Reading has never been so practical before.

5. A blanket

It may take up some space, but you will certainly appreciate having brought it with you. A blanket can mean the difference between freezing to death and traveling comfortably on an airplane .

There is no better way to stay warm and also enjoy a few hours of sleep while you arrive at your destination. Rest before a big adventure or a work meeting never hurts


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