4 basic cosmetics to take care of your skin

With the intention of always being beautiful and knowing products to take care of your skin, you find yourself oversaturated with cosmetics and bottles to always use the same product at the end.

When it comes to beauty, the choice of skin products, you must be careful and conscious to buy what we really need to take good care of it.

Most beauty experts explain that it is not necessary to have a closet full of skin products without really knowing what each of them is for, and that perhaps the most important thing is to have the most basic products that do not really make you feel good with ourselves. The professionals of the sector indicate, above all, 4 essential products that we cannot miss for the care of our skin.

4 essential cosmetics to take care of your skin

Next, we tell you which are the 4 perfect beauty products to take care of your skin and be more orderly so as not to store cosmetic products that will not do you any good.

Easy anti-aging oil

Facial oils are a perfect option to moisturizers, they are even better for skin that has suffered from environmental pollution or cold . These products are advantageous in that they are absorbed quickly, so they do not leave the typical appearance of oily skin and shiny when applied and enter directly into the skin to provide all the nutrients it needs from within.

Anti-aging oils should be applied when the skin is clean on the face, neck and décolleté areas. They can be mixed with moisturizer to enhance the cleansing effect against makeup.

Facial scrub

Regardless of skin type, exfoliation is important in the deep cleansing process of the skin . Although it is best that this step is not done regularly, about twice a week will be enough to get rid of dead cells and makeup that can remain on the skin.

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Post depilatory cream

When we remove the hair, the skin becomes irritated, for this reason it is best to hydrate the skin well after each waxing . Growth inhibitor serums and creams also help reduce skin irritation caused by harsh aggression during waxing.

Serums with assets and hyaluronic acid

Serums are concentrated products that go deep into the skin to hydrate, mattify and act as anti-aging nutrients . Most are created for mature skin that requires a high level of hydration and nourishes the skin before applying the moisturizer day and night.

Let’s not forget the positive effects that the application of sunscreen can offer us, it is essential to use it at any time of the year, even in the winter months. If they also have a high protection factor of 50 and include anti-aging and anti-blemish actives, it will be much better.

So, if you want to take good care of yourself and show off incredible skin all year round and at the same time save space in the cosmetics closet, use these products that we have indicated.