20 Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Travelers seek comfort and tranquility when making their routes. Whether for fun or work, there are certain items that are essential when traveling distances. So much so that a simple object can make a difference and make a simple getaway an unforgettable experience . Do not miss the opportunity of the next festivities to surprise someone who is passionate about discovering new destinations. Can’t you think of what to give? Today we present you a selection of gifts for travelers that you will love.

These are the most useful gifts for travelers

Easypix Aquapix camera

cámara que se puede sumergir en agua

This is an excellent option for distracting getaways to beach or pool destinations. With the Easypix Aquapix Splash W1040 camera you can capture the best images on and under water. This chamber can be submerged three meters deep. It also has a 4x digital zoom and a resolution of 16 megapixels.

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BlueSmart smart suitcase

maletas con gps integrado

The Hand Luggage model of BlueSmart smart suitcases is designed to prevent loss and theft of luggage during the trip . Thanks to its integrated GPS and through a mobile application you can track its location with a single click. In addition, the weight will no longer be a problem, it has an internal scale that when lifting it will record the weight it has on the mobile. These are just some of the options in this innovative gift for travelers.

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Milool Universal Traveler Plug

adaptador de enchufes viajeros

Of the gifts for travelers, this can be one of the most useful, since not all destinations use the same electricity system. That is why with the Milool plug adapter you can connect your electrical equipment in more than 150 countries. This includes USB ports and a fast charging system for added convenience.

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Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader

libros electrónicos de amazon

The new Amazon eReader is perfect for a more enjoyable and fun trip. Reading is made easier thanks to its gloss-free paper effect, it can be taken wherever you want thanks to its ergonomics. Even the Kindle Paperwhite eReader is waterproof, perfect for a trip to the beach or the pool.

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Garmin eTrex 30x GPS

gps con brújula incorporada

The Garmin eTrex 30x GPS is ideal for adventurous mountain getaways. This one has a built-in three-axis compass that offers excellent precision. It is even waterproof and capable of displaying weather data.

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360 Sansung Gear Camera

cámaras especiales para viajeros

Although the Samsung Gear 360 camera has been on the market for some time, it has evolved in an impressive way. So much so that currently the 2017 version has 4K technology and is capable of broadcasting live through various social networks. It has a high resolution capacity and its memory can be expanded up to 256GB.

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Thermo With You Byron

termo para mantener temperaturas al viajar

The Byron thermos of the brand with you has an anti-drip system to avoid spills during the trip. Its design is completely made of stainless steel and it is capable of maintaining temperatures for several hours. To be more exact 12 hours of cold and 4 hours of heat.

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Xiaomi 2s portable battery

batería portátil para viajeros

The Xiaomi 2S portable battery of 1,000 mAh comes in a low weight presentation to make it more comfortable to transport. Its power helps to charge electronic devices quickly and provides them with more performance. In addition, its aluminum casing makes it resistant to shocks and other external factors that can damage its structure.

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Rowenta Nomad Traveler Hair Dryer

artículos de viaje para mujeres

The ideal gift, when it comes to beauty, is this folding hair dryer. Its design is special to be stored anywhere thanks to its size. It can even be carried in the carry-on for immediate use. It also has great power and two nozzles that facilitate long-lasting drying and styling.

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TP-Link M 7350 Portable Modem

wi fi portátil para viajeros

Having an internet connection anywhere is one of the concerns of every adventurer. With this type of gifts for travelers, you will not only facilitate their connectivity but you will also be able to save files to later be downloaded. Since the TP-Link M 7350 Portable Modem has an expandable storage capacity up to 32GB.

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Vodafone Alcatel V-Bang Movetrack luggage locator

localizador de maletas

Through Alcatel’s Movetrack application you can have the location of your suitcase in real time. And for this it is not necessary to have a Wi fi or Bluetooth connection, thanks to a Sim card that connects the V-Bang to the Vodafone network. In this way, the traveler will have their suitcase safe, monitoring its location at all times.

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RelFit travel cushion

cojín para viajar cómodo

This gift is perfect for all types of travel, whether by car, plane or train, it guarantees the traveler their rest. In addition, its design is adapted for the correct cervical posture . In this way, pain is avoided during and after the trip. It also comes with a travel kit that includes earplugs and a sleep mask.

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Smart lock B Blesiya

candado digital para las maletas

The safety of the trip is the most important thing and this implies the protection of the traveler’s belongings. Giving away the B Blesiya padlock will give peace of mind to those who receive it. Because this new device is capable of being blocked through combination codes or smart applications via bluetooth.

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Wacaco Minipreeso NS portable coffee maker

cafetera portátil para viajeros amantes al café

This is one of the most delicious traveler gifts. And it is that who would not like to enjoy a good coffee while watching the desired destination approaching through the window. Well, you no longer have to wait to get to a point to feel the divine smell of coffee. With the Wacaco Minipresso NS you can make this drink whenever and wherever you want. Even the battery or power will not be an impediment, its system is totally manual.

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GoPro Hero 6 Black Camera

cámara go pro para viajeros y deportistas

The GoPro Hero 6 turns great moments into little stories, but well recorded. This device has 4k technology and can be submerged to a depth of 10 meters without a housing . In addition, its ability to capture audio is improving its previous versions.

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Phillips Diamond Clean Smart Brush

cepillo inteligente con aplicación móvil

Hygiene cannot be left behind when thinking of gifts for travelers. That’s why we included Phillips’ smart toothbrush, the Sonicare Diamond Clean HX9903 / 03, on the list . With bluetooth system and brushing analysis through a mobile application, it helps to protect oral hygiene. It is also comfortable to wear and has a battery capable of lasting up to three weeks.

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Omufipw LED Portable Light

lámparas portátiles para ordenadores

Omufipw led lights are excellent for trips where the traveler has to use their computer. They have a soft and flexible design that can be adapted to the requirements of its user. It is supplied with power through USB ports on a computer or rechargeable battery, so it could also be used with flashlights.

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Travis Touch smart translator

traductor de idiomas para viajes

Travis is a smart pocket translator that has various capabilities. For example, it translates more than 100 languages , transmits them through audio and text and is wirelessly charged. It also has dual microphones with noise reduction for greater translation accuracy.

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Flexible Tripoid Rollei Monkey Pod

soporte de cámaras o móviles flexible para viajes

Holding the mobile or a light camera to take a group photo will no longer be a problem for the traveler if you decide on this gift. And it is that the flexible Rollei Monkey Pod tripoid can adapt to any surface. It is also light and comfortable to carry, its head can rotate up to 360 degrees for better captures.

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TaoTronics Mobile Lenses

objetivos adaptables para móviles

One of the gifts for travelers who love photography, who want to experience different angles, are these mobile lens kits. Those of TaoTronic include 3 different lenses: The fisheye, the wide angle and the macro. Make your trip a unique experience just by capturing images from your own mobile.

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