13 tips and tricks to stay young for much longer

The years pass for all women. However, for some this time seems to pass more slowly. Did you see J-Lo and Shakira’s display of strength, skin, and body in the SuperBowl intermission? Recently she had already surprised us modeling in a dress that fits her better now than it did 20 years ago. How do they do that? We have compiled all the tips and tricks to keep you young for longer.

Tricks to stay young for much longer

Without reaching the excesses in treatments, operations and training sessions of celebrities like Jennifer López herself or Maddona, who continues to show us how you can carry your fifties and sixties without appearing, staying young does not require such sacrifices.

According to various studies, the trick to staying young only depends on changing and incorporating a series of habits into your day-to-day life.

trucos para mantenerte joven

1. Positive thoughts

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association , people who work to generate positive thoughts have a 40% chance of facing old age more actively, and even recovering part of those lost capacities.

2. Change your diet

Effectively. All men and women who have passed the age of 100 in good health agree that eating is one of their tricks to stay young.

We reiterate that a diet low in sugars and salts and rich in vitamins and proteins from fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and lean meats help your body and your skin stay fresh and young for longer.

Furthermore, various investigations have shown that those who maintain diets based on carbohydrates, saturated fat or sugar, live a precocious aging process.

La alimentación, clave para mantenerse joven más tiempo

3. Control how much you eat

Be careful, because a Mediterranean diet is of no use to us, of which we exceed the recommended amounts . The excesses with any food can generate a shorter life (in addition to pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, among others).

4. Physical activity, key to staying young longer

Exercising regularly is essential for anyone who wants to stay young in body and mind. Keep in mind that, as we age, muscle and firmness are lost. It is in your hands to change a sedentary life for an active one, whatever the stage you are in.

Start now. Not only do you rejuvenate the body but, mentally, you will find yourself strong and powerful, happy with your moment. Collaterally, you will also ward off the onset of Alzheimer’s a little more.

5. Take care of social relationships

Not everything can be work, games or series. Those people who are able to develop lasting social relationships have a 50% chance of living longer, according to a study published in the journal PLoS Medicine . To this is added, as with physical exercise, an increase in the feeling of happiness and quality of life.

¿Trucos para mantenerte joven? ¡Haz ejercicio!

6. Take care of the skin (especially the sun)

Although it may seem irrelevant, the skin is one of the first barriers to many germs and assets that are harmful to our body. Taking care of the skin, with special attention to the effects of the sun on it, guarantees a more youthful appearance.

High sun exposure is behind the appearance of wrinkles , and in some cases, skin cancer. It is no longer just about appearing to be younger but about taking care of your health.

7. Rest

Get enough sleep? The fact of staying up late for several days in a row or maintaining that dynamic over time means that your body does not fully recover, nor does it renew skin and functions. Consequently, instead of preventing premature aging is promoted.

In the same way, if you do not sleep the recommended hours, you become part of the population segment with the highest risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease . If you haven’t had enough arguments, one more: chronic insomnia is one of the factors proven to accelerate brain aging.

cuida la piel - trucos para mantenerte joven más tiempo

8. An active brain

Continuously feeding the brain with new knowledge and stimuli is a great way to stimulate the growth of synaptic connections that ward off the specter of brain aging related to diseases such as Alzheimer’s or senile dementia.

Learning languages is especially useful in this task of keeping the brain young, since it favors the growth of the hippocampus (linked to memory).

9. Your hobbies are something else

Tired of the work-home routine? These dynamics only generate stress, reluctance and even depression . Look for activities that motivate you outside of work topics, that are distracting, and that make you feel good.

10. Stress, as far as possible

The current pace of life seems to lead us towards stress levels beyond what is bearable . If you feel that your current life is overwhelming you, you do not need to flee to the mountain. It is a question of how we deal with it . To do this, practicing yoga or tai chi can help you.

11. Get regular check-ups

How many times do you go to your doctor for tests or complete check-ups? The Japanese visit their doctor on average 14 times each year. Spaniards are more reluctant to visit the doctor.

Sometimes we go only when symptoms are present, unaware that we could have been more vigilant if we had done a full check-up more often.

Tener hijos alarga la vida

12. Having children lengthens life

More and more women are either postponing motherhood or directly deciding not to be mothers. Various studies have shown that women who give birth live longer than those who have not given birth .

Why? According to research, having children also slows down the biological aging process in women. Estrogen is one of the elements that seems to help slow down aging.

13. Smile more

The oldest man in the world , at 114 years old, was recently asked what his secret was to staying so well at that age. His answer is significant: activity and have a smile . Or what is the same: smile more and argue less.

Do you feel identified with some of the problems and factors that we have seen that can cause premature aging ? It’s time to turn the tables and start applying these tricks to stay young for longer .