13 foods not recommended for weight loss that ruin your diet

Seven out of ten Spaniards will start a diet throughout their lives. However, less than 50% will achieve their weight loss goal. Among the most common mistakes that lead to diet failure, stick with some foods not recommended for weight loss.

We have consulted nutrition experts and they have entrusted us with which are the 13 foods that you should banish from your diet forever if you want to lose weight.

The foods not recommended to lose weight that you should banish from your diet

Are you in full bikini operation? Are you going to start a diet? The number of Spaniards who go on a diet without consulting a nutritionist is alarming.

Specialists warn of the risks of eliminating certain types of foods from daily menus with false hope and ignorance of their need for the proper functioning of the body.

And vice versa; foods not recommended for weight loss that are included in the diet or taken lightly as a one-day slip, but that can ruin all the previous effort .

Fried foods, the first foods to eliminate from the diet to lose weight

Los fritos, alimentos no recomendados para perder peso

French fries

In its composition, they include fats (the bad ones) and sodium (salts) . In addition to components that have a non-satiating effect, and that is the reason why you can never eat just one.

However, the most harmful of all this is the acrylamide present in some potato chips, which is very harmful to health.

Don’t you want to give up a snack? You can make them yourself at home with vegetables, chickpeas, nuts, or seeds!

Say goodbye to frozen foods if you want to lose weight

Elimina los congelados de tu dieta

Fast but insane frozen pizzas

Yes, they are quick to make, convenient because they come already prepared, and they can solve an emergency meal for you, but in reality, what you are eating is saturated fat (the cheeses that flood everything and that to get that shine they add components of doubtful quality), refined flours, and low-quality seasonings.

Have you ever wondered why they taste sweet? Indeed, they have sugary flavor enhancers so that the product reaches the consumer better.

Fosters-style fries, fries, bacon and frozen cheese in the same calorie bomb

Yes, they look delicious, but at the same time your conscience tells you that those frozen french fries, drizzled with plenty of frying oil, fried bacon or bacon and cheese as a sauce is the complete opposite of a balanced and healthy diet.

However, only precooked potatoes provide 171 Kcal per 100 grams, according to the analysis of How Much Sugar. Here you add up both the carbohydrates and the added sugars that you are going to eat.

The cheese, the fact of making the potatoes in burnt sunflower oil, and the bacon, suppose a caloric bomb. Especially if you also eat them for dinner!

Battered and breaded industrial

They are very convenient to solve a cooking time emergency. But its quality is minimal . Not even using the oven to avoid frying will we gain health. Why?

Commercial batters are created with refined or treated flours, a lot of sunflower oil is cooked at most, and in many cases the consumed product is manufactured with all types of components except what it should be (starches, flavorings, etc.).

The batters, if they are made at home with unprocessed homemade elements and fresh food, are healthy, as long as you do not flood them with oil when frying them.

Alcohol, one of the prohibited foods to lose weight abdomen

Alcohol, uno de los alimentos prohibidos para adelgazar

Alcohols have a lot of sugar and other activators that fill us with calories. If you want to eat a healthy diet, avoid consuming alcohol in large quantities as much as possible.

Soft drinks (sugary)

Another of the liquids that we usually include in our regular diet that prevent us from meeting our weight loss goals are soft drinks.

These provide large amounts of free sugars, harmful to health; and, of course, they add substances that generate an addictive effect such as caffeine and other poorly clarified compounds on their label, despite being regulated by law that nutritional information and product composition must be included on all labels.

Fast food or fast food, one of the foods not recommended to lose weight

Evita comer fast food si quieres adelgazar

They are the antithesis of healthy food. Fried foods, precooked foods, foods that are artificially kept fresh … Fast food has been installed in our homes, banishing the Mediterranean diet, which is healthier and closer to the earth.

Fried chickens and other fast food snacks

Do you know what you eat when you order chicken nuggets at a fast food ? In reality, most of the time you are consuming starches, not chicken meat.

Starches are highly harmful to the body. Several studies have shown the relationship between the habitual consumption of starches and the presence of carcinogenic elements in the body.

They are present in potatoes and legumes, as well as in rice. Hence, for both potatoes and rice, it is recommended to wash the product intensively. In the case of legumes, removing the skins is vital – the starch is concentrated in them.

Industrial burgers full of extras

In this consumer society, fast, to eat anything, fast food or fast food has been installed as something normal in the usual menu of children and adults . Although its regularity is dangerous in these, it is more so for children, as this report shows on how it affects and where the bad fats associated with these products accumulate.

Ice cream, rich but very fatty and sugary

Los helados, alimentos poco recomendados si quieres adelgazar

We find ourselves again with the fight of nutritionists to banish from the diet the fats and sugars with which industrial ice creams are made. In its composition, again, we find elements that generate an effect of addiction and the need to eat more .

Whenever you can, and you fancy an ice cream , look for artisan or homemade ones, low in calories and sugars.

Yogurts, curds, and other processed dairy

As with ice cream, processed dairy contains very little milk and, on the contrary, a lot of fats, sugars and flavor enhancers, if not colorings.

Purchase processed sauces, foods not recommended for weight loss

Destierra las salsa precocinadas, son alimentos no recomendados para perder peso

Can you imagine eating a hamburger or hot dog without ketchup? Indeed, at the same rate that the consumption of fast food has become naturalized, it has done so with pre-cooked sauces. Those who consume them regularly justify themselves with the mantra that they add flavor, but in reality it masks the real flavor of the main food.

And it does so based on fats, salts and saturated sugars. The most damaging thing is that with the distribution systems of these products we never calculate exactly how much we are consuming.

Ketchup and children

If you have children, you will know that when there is a fight because they eat a certain food, if you add ketchup, it comes in better. However, with this gesture that relieves us, they are introducing sugars, saturated fats and a lot of sodium into their body.

The breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. However, we abuse in them pre-made products that are dressed as healthy and balanced.

Cereals for breakfast

Have you bought cereal for breakfast? Flip the package over. You will check the levels of sugars, trans fats and refined flours that you are consuming with your bowl of cereals.

In addition, as with French fries, they do not satisfy you, so you consume more than the recommended portion.

There are unprocessed substitutes on the market, and we are not referring exclusively to whole grains that are not, but to oats, quinoa, bran, and so on.

All these types of products that we should banish to lose weight are foods that do not help us maintain a healthy diet.

What about homemade foods ? As we indicated at the beginning of the article, the focus of nutritionists is on processed foods.

If you have zero distance source resources , which you know are 100% natural, without any type of processing or external chemical additions , you can make your own foods such as breads or dairy products and include them in your diet, in moderation.