10 simple exercises for abdomen that you should start practicing

The abdomen is a complicated part to accentuate and not because it is impossible, what actually happens with it is that it needs a lot of discipline for the results to be noticed. His training includes good nutrition and regular exercises for the abdomen. We already know that many women are not familiar with the idea of doing abdominal exercises because they are lazy, so today we are going to propose that they do these effective and simple exercises for the abdomen, which of course can be modified to do in the comfort of home.

The simplest and most effective abdominal exercises you should try

ejercicios abdominales sencillos de realizar

Captain’s chair

We can develop this exercise on the gym machine or on a chair, the idea of it is to try to stand on the machine or sit on the chair , from that position you should start lifting your legs by bending your knees as if they try to touch the chest. When approaching the knees to the chest you should avoid arching your spine since this is the most common mistake made when doing the exercise in the chair. For the exercise to be effective you must do at least three sets of fifteen complete repetitions, counting each leg elevation as one repetition,

The captain’s chair, in addition to being very effective, is one of the simplest and most versatile exercises for the abdomen because you can work the rectum and obliques , for them you just have to turn the hips to the side you want to exercise.

Rolling side plank

It is a variant of the main plank exercise, which consists of doing a turn with the torso to one side to be in a lateral plank position repeating the same movement on the other side, but if you want this plank exercise to be more dynamic you can do the turns using only the hips as if you were going to touch the ground with them. Perform 4 sets of 20 repetitions each.

Inverted crunches


Crunchs are the type of exercises for the abdomen that are most recommended to be practiced due to their high efficiency in the work of extending the rectus abdominis . To begin, lie on a mat with your legs together and your knees bent at 90 degrees, then begin to contract your abdomen to try to touch your chest with your knees, then push your legs down again to make the soles of your feet. lightly touch the ground, continue successively with the movement until completing three sets of 15 repetitions each.

The progression of this exercise would be to fully extend the legs on the ground and then lift them off the ground so that they form a 90 degree angle with the body.

One Leg Reverse Crunch

el mejor ejercicio para el abdomen

This type of crunch is a progression of the previous one, its dynamics consists of bending one leg to place it on top of the extended leg, then you have to start taking the extended leg off the ground to try to form a 90 degree angle, while the leg that is crossed makes him a little depressed in the opposite direction. After ten repetitions with one leg, switch to the other and continue until you have completed about four sets of ten repetitions each.

The hundred

pilates para aplanar el abdomen

This is an exercise to flatten the belly that is widely used in Pilates classes , to start you will have to lie on a mat and bend your knees, then you have to take your legs off the ground trying to form a 90 degree angle with your knees As you do this, you must take off the trunk a little from the ground and extend your arms, and with your arms extended you have to do a quick flutter with them counting to one hundred, after this inhale and rest so that you repeat the exercise a few three or four more times.

The progression of this exercise would be to try to flap with your legs extended and well off the ground, almost as if you were doing a v.

Mountain climber

An excellent exercise to burn fat from the abdomen when you put a lot of intensity into it , the dynamics of it consists of imitating the movements that a climber makes so you will have to place yourself in a plank position leaning on the palms of your hands, then you start to perform movements very dynamic with the legs trying to bring each of the knees to the chest. A minimum of 4 sets of twenty repetitions should be done.

Jumping Jacks

ejercicio para quemar grasa

In the same way as the previous exercise, this is a very dynamic exercise that will make you raise your heart rate to help you disappear the fat from the abdomen , because if you want a toned abdomen, the first thing to do is melt the fat that covers them. So start with the exercise by standing up and bringing your legs together, the next step will be to bend your knees a little, and then clap above your head while jumping to separate your legs. To add more intensity to the exercise, you can end up doing a squat after taking the jump, and then take another jump to stay with the body upright and the legs together. With jumping jacks, more than repetitions, the intensity of the jumps and the time you are able to hold will be taken into account.

Heel touch

The heel touch is a very good exercise to work the abdomen and reduce the waist , this exercise consists of doing heel touches with smooth movements while you are adopting the typical position to do abdominals.

Oblique with a broomstick

Use a broomstick or a cane to place it vertically in front of you towards the opposite side of the arm with which you are going to hold it, then you must extend your other arm and let yourself fall to that side, while doing this you must lift the opposite leg to the sides trying to form a straight line next to the arm that is extended, after this try to make a small flap with the leg that is extended trying to maintain balance. If you cannot keep your arm extended during the swing, it is worth supporting it with the cane next to the other. The progression of this exercise would be to change the straight line of the arm and leg for a more curved line known as the banana, this is an isometric position that you should be able to hold for a few seconds.

Cross knee crunches

ejercicios para abdomen

Get into a push-up position, then extend your right leg out and then begin to pick it up to try to bring your right knee up to the elbow of your left hand. When doing this movement you should try to get your right ankle to touch the lateral aspect of the left knee as shown above in the image. Repeat the movement 10 times on each side until completing 4 sets of ten repetitions.

We hope you share these good exercises for your abdomen with your friends, try to combine them with a good diet and correct posture so that you get faster results.