10 problems that can arise when doing sports

We all know the infinite benefits of sports activity from both a physical and mental point of view. Physical exercise professionals agree that investing in sports is investing in health . However, in order to obtain these benefits, it is necessary to fight against a series of external agents that appear to us when it comes to playing sports. In addition, some of these elements are very likely to be difficult to avoid, which is known by some professionals as side effects associated with sports.

Discover all the disadvantages of practicing sports, as well as some solutions for when any of these problems arise.

10 side effects of physical exercise

1. Get up early

Very few people have the willpower to get up as soon as dawn to exercise, in addition to remembering that you will sweat and you will have to exert yourself, when you are so comfortable between the sheets of your bed, it will make it more difficult for you to get up. However, many experts recommend doing sports in the morning as they suggest that it is easier to create a training habit at this time of day.

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2. Meteorology

It is very common that you have decided to do your favorite sport at a certain time but, unfortunately, when you get ready to do it, the weather does not accompany whether it is raining, snowing, it is very cold or too hot. This should not be a problem for you, since physical exercise in both hot and cold temperatures is quite safe as long as you take the appropriate measures to do it.

3. Sweat

Sweating is very effective, as it helps eliminate toxins through the skin and also helps regulate body temperature. However, sweat stains are unattractive and having to live with them when playing sports causes uncomfortable situations such as the following:

3.1 Your phone or mp3 does not get along with sweat

It has happened to all of us while doing sports that when trying to play a song or make any other query with the electronic device we have not been able due to sweat, and in the end we have had to stop to do what we wanted. Having a container to store your device will allow you to handle it comfortably, as well as keeping it dry and safe. In this sense, pants for sports are usually prepared to be able to carry the mobile with us without danger of losing it on the way.

Inconvenientes del sudor al hacer deporte

3.2 You don’t have time to shower

There are many people who, due to their working hours or for other reasons, go on very tight time and even on many occasions they do not have time to wash properly. It is something complicated to solve, but there are some measures you can take such as:

  • Change sweaty clothes as soon as possible.
  • Remove makeup before exercising.
  • Use cleansing wipes, talcum powder, and dry shampoo to absorb excess moisture.

3.3 Your hair is damaged

For many people, especially women, sport causes an uncomfortable problem: sweaty hair gets very dirty, which takes a long time to wash, dry and style. A good solution for this is to use sports bands that collect the hair well, making it less dirty. Absorbent tapes are also recommended to prevent hair from getting so dirty as a result of sweat.

3.4 The bad smell of your sneakers does not go away

Of course, the stench of shoes is not pleasant, and of course it is not feasible to be washing them every day. Try the following remedies:

  • Use dry tea bags when you are not wearing your slippers. These bags neutralize the bad smell.
  • Try leaving newspaper, baking soda, or talcum powder in your sneakers overnight to help absorb sweat after training.

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3.5 Rubbing in unfortunate places

Sweat and the rubbing of clothing against the skin sometimes cause the appearance of annoying rashes known as chafing. A good way to remedy this widespread problem is the use of fabrics adapted for sports. Choosing a good sports outfit will make you enjoy and be able to practice your favorite sport comfortably.

3.6 You have to do the laundry more times

Unless you do sports naked, it is known by everyone that if you exercise frequently you have to have a good wardrobe to always have clean clothes. Sport means that you need to put the washing machine on more often, making you have less time to relax or rest, in addition to the expense that it entails.

4. Your feet get worse

Running on hard pavements can cause countless injuries or ailments that affect the foot, causing blisters, calluses, bruises or other types of damage that make your feet no longer look nice. It is very important to avoid this and to play sports safely and comfortably. To do this, the following tips will help you.

  • Good socks will prevent injury, improve performance, and keep feet dry and protected.
  • Make sure that the shoes you use are appropriate for your feet and that they fit perfectly.
  • Having your nails cut well, this is very important since it can avoid unpleasant unforeseen events, as well as very painful ones.

Problemas en los pies al hacer deporte

5. You are forced to wax

Body hair in women has become a social cliché causing you to be forced to wax. This causes you to have to wax more often, which is a waste of time. The same happens in the case of men, for whom waxing can help them feel more comfortable when doing any sporting activity.

If you feel obliged to do it, try waxing on your days off, or when you are relaxed and calm, to make this more bearable.

Desventajas de hacer deporte

6. You have to carry too much luggage

Surely it has happened to you on many occasions that you have forgotten something at home. This is mainly due to the amount of things that are needed for the practice of some sports. In addition, if you choose to shower in your training center, it will cause you to even need an additional bag to be able to transport all the extra clothes.

To do this in a more bearable way, it is advisable that you pay special attention to securing your luggage to carry it safely and comfortably and try to place the heaviest objects at the bottom of the sports bag, although the most important thing above all is to be very organized.

7. Unforeseen events arise during training

Don’t be ashamed if you have to miss training to go to the bathroom. Going to him immediately will make you feel more relieved and relaxed to continue the session.

8. Spending on sports equipment

Exercising involves using a material that meets our specific needs. On many occasions, it is necessary to replace the equipment due to wear, this is an expense since if you choose good quality, in most cases it will not be cheap. However, investing in the quality of your sports equipment will make the practice of sports much more satisfactory.

Material necesario para hacer deporte

9. You are hungrier

This is another expense, since doing sports as a general rule makes you eat more food to replace the energy lost during training.

10. Have shoelaces

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, your muscles will suffer from sports. There is no choice but to endure it, although to my taste these annoyances remind you of a job well done, as well as how well you will sleep that night. However, keep in mind that the best remedy to avoid stiffness is to try to increase your workload gradually, in order to avoid that your body suffers too much from the effort exerted.


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